Oct 17

Top 5 Bath time products for toddlers

Bathing a child is  my favorite task and my little one loves this time. I am always very particular about the products that I am using on my little that would not harm her skin. The products should be chemical free, paraben free, and should be nourishing and hydrating the skin. The products that I […]
Apr 02

Baby Wash Review- Sebamed Baby Wash

Both my dolls are water babies and they love their session of bathing. The elder one does karate and plays football so has all the reasons to bath. Coming to the season’s theory the summer is round the corner and this gives them all the valid reasons to bath and bath. Moreover, the Delhi summer […]
Feb 23

Lipa land- An App That Makes Your Kids Screen Time More Meaningful!

As a mother of two cute little munchkins, my biggest concern is allowing them any screen time, howsoever adverse the situation is. We are in a nuclear family setup and sometimes even I am tempted to allow the child with mobile, but deep down I am well aware that these few minutes could increase and […]
Sep 18


Motherhood and parenting is over whelming, even before the baby arrives in the world, a mother is busy shopping for the child, making necessary arrangements and procuring things that are safe for the child. As mother we always want to keep the child very safe just the way she was safe in the womb. I […]
Aug 28

Let’s Pledge To Be Sporty This Sports Day

We all have grown up listening to the famous Hindi phrase “ Padho ke likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge banoge kharab”. Well it simply means if you study you become princely but if you play you tend to get spoilt.  It is such a narrow aspect of viewing life and success. Sport should be an […]
Jul 16


When most people think of cloth diaper think of a big handkerchief that you tie around your baby with safety pins. Well traditionally that was cloth diaper was about and still a few moms swear by it, but what I am talking about is entirely different. I t is the new entrant in the bags […]
Jul 02

Mothersparsh 98% Water Wipes Review

A baby is a bundle of joy. A baby is loved by all and everybody who comes across them just wants to snuggle them be it the family members or outsiders. Everybody simply loves them but they are also delicate at the same time and they need to be protected from all sorts of germs […]
May 12

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

I was the pampered, darling daughter of my parents, especially my father he just adored me. My mom even if denied me anything, I knew my dad would get it for me. I still remember if I did not like the food cooked by mom I used to fight with her and take money from […]
Mar 04


Exams are round the corner thus it means that you need to gear up to work hard and work smart. To accomplish anything it requires a combination of inspiration and perspiration. The kids are under pressure and parents are also equally in pressure. However due to pressure that the kids face before the exams they […]
Dec 29

5 Super Foods To Boost Immunity In Winters

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to the Winter Express – Blog Train where 33 awesome bloggers write about different topics related to this beautiful winter season from their own unique perspectives. Expect tips and tricks, recipes, stories, cherished memories and many more.  Don’t miss to join this magical ride with our Winter Express. This blog train is […]