Jan 14

How To Make Fitness A Habit

Finally you have understood the benefits of fitness and want to incorporate it in your permanent habit.  We all often hear that making exercise a habit is the best way to stick with it  but a million dollar question is how to implement this. You have multiple of options like hitting the gym or doing […]
Jan 11

Indore Special -Sev Tamatar Ki Sabzi

Sev tamatar ki sabzi is a typical Gujrati dish  but we Indori’s also love it a lot. In Indore and other parts of M.P. this thick spicy gravy is very popular ,it is a spicy gravy  made with tomatoes, onions, spices and sev as the main ingredient ,it is  served on all road side Dhaba’s, […]
Jan 08

All About Vitamin D.

Just few months back when I came to know about insufficiency of Vitamin D in my body , I started searching about vitamin D on Google and also consulted with my physician to take help; today I am writing what info I have collected, so if you guys have any questions regarding Vitamin D this […]
Jan 03

Mirah Belle Winter Face Cream Review

Hello everyone , Winter is  on it’s peak and it’s time to give more attention to our skin as winter sucks all the moisture and leaves skin dry and coarse. we have so many choice in body lotions but finding a good face cream for winters is always a big task and if you are […]