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Motherhood and parenting is over whelming, even before the baby arrives in the world, a mother is busy shopping for the child, making necessary arrangements and procuring things that are safe for the child. As mother we always want to keep the child very safe just the way she was safe in the womb. I have also made a silent promise to my angels of keeping them safe as soon as they entered the world.

Wipes and kids are associated. With all the naughtiness, mess, self feeding phase, travelling or even visiting the washroom or doing the potty, use of wipes are indispensible. Baby wipes are simply a part of growing up of the child and it makes the things so easier. If you have wet wipe and you are in the middle of feeding the child you can simply wipe the messy face of the child even without looking for a washroom, or water. While in the park if the child is bruised you can wipe the child and apply some cream, rather than looking for water or wetting the child completely when wiping the child. Thus it is inevitable that the wipes are integral but the wipe should also be of good quality as it will be used on baby’s mouth or sensitive and soft skin.

mothersparsh baby wipes,flame test ,delhi blogger

I use Mothersparsh wet wipes and much has already been said about their good quality in my previous posts but adding to the brownie points that made me fall for them is the flame test that I had recently conducted on it. Claims have been made that it is alcohol free, chemical free, paraben free and it is 98% water based baby wipe. Mothersparsh baby wipes are made of water and plant and no synthetic element thus they are apt for the baby’s soft and delicate skin. Well most of the companies in the field of baby products claim to be so but do they actually pass the test and for this I conducted this “ agnipariksha”. We are educated and well aware of the capitalist economy thus making a well informed decision should be our agenda and especially if the product concerns our child.


The inquisitive mind of mother compelled me to conduct the flame test on the wipes as I wanted to confirm regarding it being a chemical free plant based product. I simply took a candle, match stick to light the candle and a Mothersparsh wet wipe. I lighted the candle and burnt the wet wipe and to my utter happiness I observed the following points and their implications:

  1. Burn as cotton fabric- Incidents when synthetic material burn leaves a sluggish black residue but with mothersparsh, I was amazed to see that it burnt like a cotton fabric very slowly and no sticky sluggish residue was left.
  2. No plastic smell- As I burnt the wet wipe it just had burnt smell and some smell of the wipe but any pungent smell like that of plastic was not coming, and this was a big relief.
  3. 98% Water and no alcohol- they claim that the wet wipes are water based and not alcohol and this so true. Alcohol is highly inflammable and water is not. The way wet wipes burnt it clearly depicts that it is an alcohol free product. The demerits of alcohol wet wipe on baby’s skin is well documented and we all prefer safe, natural and chemical free product and thus what better than these Mothersparsh wet wipes.

Thus as these wipes passes the flame test the mother in me is all the more happy and contented with this product and will continue to use it for my kiddos.

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  1. Wonderful blog and amazing product of mather soarsh wet wipes …. i am sure it will gives full protection to my child from unwanted chemicals

  2. Blogs mujhy acche lagtey hain, aaj hi pata laga aur aapko subscribe kiya ?
    Mother sparsh k is flame test k barey me maine kaafi pada hai aur subne isko safe kaha hai, bas ab baccho ki saftey se befikar ho gaye ?

  3. Blogs mujhy acche lagtey hain, aaj hi pata laga aur aapko subscribe kiya ?
    Mother sparsh k is flame test k barey me maine kaafi pada hai aur subne isko safe kaha hai, bas ab baccho ki saftey se befikar ho gaye ?bahut acche products aa gaye hain ??


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