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Both my dolls are water babies and they love their session of bathing. The elder one does karate and plays football so has all the reasons to bath. Coming to the season’s theory the summer is round the corner and this gives them all the valid reasons to bath and bath. Moreover, the Delhi summer are hot and humid and thus it is mandatory to bath at least twice a day so hat you are fresh and clean. However as mother I know using chemical laden products to take bath will do more bad than good. A bath product that has pH 5.5 is the ideal one and that is the key to healthy skin. A kid’s skin is highly sensitive and soft thus we need to use the best products to take good care of their skin.

sebamed baby wash review,sebamed baby wash, baby wash

Recently I started using Sebamed baby wash. It is based on the formula of active compound on a sugar tenside complex offering high skin tolerance for the extra gentle daily cleansing for the skin of baby. Thus it is apt to be used for the babies.

Why pH 5.5 is important- healthy skin has biological, slightly acidic surface that referred as acid mantle. The soft and delicate skin of baby lacks this protective acid mantle, which is formed during the first few months of their life. The skin if it has pH balance of 5.5 it can protect and safeguard itself from the penetration of pathogenic micro-organisms and other harmful environmental influences. Therefore baby sebamed has been specially formulated to consolidate the resistance of baby’s skin. Clinically it has been assured the Baby Sebamed works effectively and diligently in forming the skin’s protective acid mantle and stabilizes its barrier function at its physiological pH value of 5.5.

sebamed baby wash review,sebamed baby wash,delhiblogger

Tear free formula- It is important for me to use tear free formula for kids and Baby Sebamed fulfills this criterion and it is thus one of the best option available to be used for kids. My kids not only bath with water and baby wash but they play with it and in this situation if I do not use tear free formula it will result in teary eyes of my baby and gradually it will prove to be harmful for their eyes and thus I very cautiously use this Baby Sebamed as I want the bath time of my kids to be truly relaxing and fun filled.It is made from a formula that does not sting the eyes.

Medically certified- Baby Sebamed is clinical tested and is dermatologically tested and has been recommended to be safe for the skin of baby. The product is made in labs of Germany and thus this assures that it highly safe and chemical free. It comes with the assurance that it protects the skin of baby in the early years of its formation.

Lather a few drops with warm water in your hands to create mild foam and wash it in caressing strokes and after washing rinse thoroughly and you are sorted.

Apart from all the pros of this baby wash what i didn’t liked is it is priced too high which is really not affordable for most of the families. If we talk about pH 5.5 there are many more options available in market at pocket friendly price. So, do a little bit of research before buying and invest your money on the right product.




14 thoughts on “Baby Wash Review- Sebamed Baby Wash

  1. I understand the importance of pH 5.5 for babies skin and thats what i love about sebamed… but even thats true.. its not affordable. I recently got lotus baby with same pH5.5 and is quite affordable .

  2. I am using Sebamed body wash and love the fact that it has pH 5.5. My daughter has sensitive skin and recently after consulting from the doctor we switched to Sebamed body wash.

  3. My sister in law is a doctor and when she started using Seba med for a baby I realized what a trusted product it. Considering she is cosmetologist I knew using Seba med baby wash or soap won’t ever harm my child.

  4. Sebamed Baby Wash seems to be a good product for kids. But as you have mentioned it is definitely expensive and if there are other equally good or even better similar products available than one should look for these options too.


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