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Exams are round the corner thus it means that you need to gear up to work hard and work smart. To accomplish anything it requires a combination of inspiration and perspiration. The kids are under pressure and parents are also equally in pressure. However due to pressure that the kids face before the exams they develop phychological problems and this lasts with them for the rest of their lives. Also when real life exams are there, they cannot face it. Not only this the trauma also hampers their all round development. Therefore from the very beginning “test anxiety” of kids should be resolved and they should be in proper mental state so that they can perform well and get good grades.


Many students experience test anxiety and ways to overcome it are as follows:

1) Turn up the power tunes: We all agree to the fact that music is relaxing. As per research music can be empowering also. Listening to high- volume, bass- heavy songs can put you in more powerful frame of mind. Just prepare a list of song for your child and yourself and groove before the exams to feel energized and strong. Music will add to the perfect quotient of confidence in your child to perform best.


2) Strike a power pose: As per researches the way we sit or stand or pose affects  their confidence level. We tend to feel small if we slouch or cross our arms and this affects their confidence. On the opposite if we stretch out we make ourselves large and get geared up to face the challenges of exam. Thus train your child to sit in power poses and feel the power deep within.


3) Frame an “I did it!” list- Success breeds  success and thus reminding them of their past achievements can actually boost their morale and give them the required confidence to face the exams. Recalling the strengths will help her realize that she has lot of strengths and can accomplish anything in life.


4) Smile- Smiling is a sign of happiness. Smile can reduce stress and pace down the heart rates during anxiety producing situations. Thus keep smiling at your child and give her the assured look that you trust her and that she can achieve all success in life.


5) Do not expect way too much- Each child has his own capacities and capabilities and do not compare your child to another. There is no norm to define success and happiness in life. The exams are just a small part of life and they are not the complete life, nor success depends on them. It is essential to perform well but it is not the only thing in life. So encourage them positively for the exams and boost their morale.


Above all just a smile, a hug, an outing and a little sweet treat is all that they would require to perform well. Celebrate the exams and the results irrespective of the performance. Teach the child to embrace the exam and not hide from the exam.





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