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Children need nutrient dense food. The diet should be well-balanced, containing a adequate amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fat. A well-balanced diet ensures all round development and healthy growth in children. For better learning and a happy state of mind the food that we offer to kids should have nutrition, but then kids do not understand this. Thus, it is vital that the food should appeal to them. The food attracts our eyes first, then we consume it and this fact holds immense truth even for kids. Therefore, as mothers we need to wear creative hats and prepare high protein rich foods vegetarian for our kids. (source)

Why do the little ones need high protein rich foods vegetarian?

It is a myth that only gym enthusiasts or active sportspeople need protein. Our kids also need protein. The simple reason is that it helps in growth, maintenance and repair of the body. Protein is the key nutrient that is vital for a child’s health. Children also need other key nutrients like iron, omega-3, zinc, vitamin D, calcium, and selenium etc. All these nutritional elements help the kids to grow both physically and mentally. As per pediatricians, protein enriched food should be offered to kids twice or even three times in a day. (source)

How much protein should the child get?

Each child is different and so is their nutritional or protein requirements. It is recommended by ICMR to meet the following protein requirements of children.

Infants (0-6 m): 8.0g/d

Infants (6-12m): 10.5 g/d

Children (1-3y): 12.5 g/d

Children (4-6y): 16.0 g/d

Children (7-9 y): 23.0 g/d

Boys (10-12y): 32.0g/d

Girls (10-12y): 33.0 g/d

Being a vegetarian, how do I get the required dose of protein?

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My biggest worry is that I am a vegetarian and it tends to get difficult for me to provide my kids the required dose of protein. For non-vegetarians, eating egg and meat is a good source for protein requirements. Being a vegetarian, I find it difficult to feed my kids with the required dose of protein. Still, being a mom, I did my bit of research and have a well curated chart of food items that can fulfill the protein requirements of my little ones. Certain food items like fortified dairy products, cheese, tofu, nuts, seeds, lentils, beans, and a few more are good source of protein and thus important to feed my kids. On a daily basis I cook something interesting and delicious with these ingredients which my kids thoroughly enjoy. My favourite way of incorporating these in their diet is via salads or pastas. It is about making the food interesting and nutritional so as to make them happy and healthy.I have a weekly planner where I ensure that the above-mentioned ingredients are used in the meals. Thus, now I do not get sleepless nights over the protein requirement. Despite being a vegetarian, we can get the required dose of protein without putting in too much effort or money.

Adding a scoop of Complan for that extra support

I also give my kids a scoop of Complan in their milk. They absolutely love its rich chocolaty taste. As a cold shake it works to beat the heat. When I give them a warm glass of milk infused with Complan they love it. Thus, all in all it is a win-win situation as Complan has 100% milk protein and has 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. It also supports memory, concentration and is clinically proven to support 2x faster growth.

Have you tried Complan for your children yet?

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