Jun 11

High protein rich foods vegetarian you should know about for kids #63PercentMoreProtein

Children need nutrient dense food. The diet should be well-balanced, containing a adequate amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fat. A well-balanced diet ensures all round development and healthy growth in children. For better learning and a happy state of mind the food that we offer to kids should have nutrition, but then kids […]
Jan 04

Hummel- My partner in my fitness journey

Being a mother of two kids, I do realize the importance of good health and good habits. Ahealthy body paves the way to a healthy life and healthy mind. Thus I often encourage mykids to eat healthy and also exercise regularly. I know eating healthy depends on me as I amthe head chef at home. […]
May 31

Why gym workout is more effective than home workout

When you make a decision to focus on your fitness, you’re not only vowing towards a better physical health, but also a better mental health. But before you start with your fitness regime, you also need to think whether you will be working out at home or at the gym. While working out at home […]
May 16

Prenatal yoga-What you need to know

Pregnancy brings various changes in a woman’s life, both really and mentally. Prenatal yoga  can be one method for quieting a to-be mother during the interaction! It is important that expecting mothers take extraordinary thought of their prosperity now all through regular daily existence. Also, remembering that you should reconsider numerous affinities and activities for […]
Sep 03

Signs That You Need To Undergo A Laser Eye Surgery

Are you someone who has been trying to get rid of glasses or contact lenses? Have you considered undergoing laser eye surgery? But are you not sure if you should get it done? That’s fine, folks. We are here to save you. SMILE and LASIK treatment will ensure that you are no longer dependent on […]
Mar 29

The Ultimate Fitness Guide For Beginners

If you are a beginner at the gym, you might be confused about what to pack for the gym and where to start. Well, that is common for almost everyone who hits the gym for the first time.  Hitting the gym for the first few days might seem like a hard day’s task, but it […]
Oct 20

Detox your body and your mind with healthy homemade detox juices

Detox your body and your mind and this is the need of hour and it is one of the best to get healthy and get your body cleansed from free radicals. The benefits of detox have been well documented. In the heavily urbanized and increasingly toxic –ridden world our bodies are getting full of toxins […]
Oct 10

Need of the hour focus on mental health

  Name, fame, and money are considered as parameters of success and happiness in life, but is it so? Time has changed the amount of stress and uncertainty that has engulfed all of us including kids of two or three years is immense. We are so overwhelmed that we tend to lose our own voice. […]
Oct 06

Benefits and advantages of plant based protein powder

Plant based protein powder or the organic protein is a widely studied health supplement and this is for all good reasons. Plant based Protein Powders are rich in nutritional value and have many health benefits. The best part of plant based protein is that is it is soy-free, GMO-free, 100 dairy-free, contains no synthetic or […]
Oct 04

Lifestyle changes to cure thyroid

“Thyroid is the monster that just transforms your body and health for bad” this was the line that someone told me when I was diagnosed with thyroid. My life was shattered and so was I. I had no clue as to what will I do and how will I deal with the situation. The doctors […]