Mouni Roy is blessed with unexceptional beauty and talent. She has made it big from the small to the big screen, and now she is even a part of reality shows. She recently got married, and it was quite a big deal. She is a diva and has paparazzi following her everywhere. Thus, it becomes mandatory that she looks best, and it is not easy with cameras. It is not easy to put on makeup, even if it is minimal, and maintain good skin. The harsh camera lights and the makeup ruin the skin. Therefore, for Mouni Roy to maintain good-looking skin and follow a beauty care routine with her hectic work schedule gets difficult. She is in love with products of the best quality, natural, and free from parabens, but most importantly, they must work quickly and are easy to apply.

Mouni Roy selected Bryan and Candy for all the reasons stated above and has proudly endorsed the brand. Since Mouni started to use the products, she was in love with them. Mouni looks fresh and has a massive fan following. She has earned organically when she has claimed about the goodness of a product only when she feels about it. It is for the honesty that she has and the talent visible in her acting and dancing that she rules the hearts. She sees her fans as her extended family. Thus, she feels committed to her fans and followers. She never endorses any product which causes harm to society, humanity, or the feelings of others. She takes responsibility for her words like a responsible citizen and influencer. Therefore, when she chose to endorse Bryan and Candy, it was for all good reasons.


1. Gentle cleansing- Most of the body washes on the market have high pH levels, which cause more harm to the skin. Thus, these body washes remove the natural oil from the skin and make it dull and reduce the elasticity. Therefore, one should opt for shower gels that are good at cleaning but have a pH of 5.5 and thus maintain the skin’s elasticity apart from keeping it hydrated.


2. Best for daily use- It cleanses the skin deeply and in the best way possible. Therefore it is apt for daily use. It has a moisturizing element; thus, it does not make the skin dull or dry. Plus, the moisturizing bathing bar from the brand is so soft and easy to apply that it feels like a dollop of butter sliding on the skin. It is a soap-free product devoid of harsh chemicals; thus, one can use them without worrying about the toxin it could transport to the skin.


3. Made with natural ingredients- Much has been documented about the benefits of natural ingredients, and the brand has the mission of using natural ingredients in its products to help one maintain beautiful lustrous skin. The products are dermatologically tested and are SLS and paraben-free. Thus, we can use them for our daily requirements without any guilt.

It is a trusted brand ad with Mouni’s backing. All can believe in the claims the brand makes. The Bryan and Candy brand has launched its all-new Orange and Mandarin Luxury Foaming Body wash, the best body wash that works well even without a loofah and is the best fragrance to beat the summer heat. There are 7 more variants of it like Cocoa shea, Lavender & Vanilla, Nottie Berries to name a few.

Interestingly, another gem launched recently by the brand is its Ultra-moisturizing bathing bar in Lavender and Vanilla Sulphate free soap. It is the best soap that can help you kick start the day or end the day with the best notes. The products are available in 6 variants, absolutely promising and something worth the money spent on them.



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