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Looking for the best option to upgrade the fashion quotient of men then look no further as Slowave fashion is here to help. It is the time to upgrade the wardrobe of the ones who are giving importance to comfort and ease, but not fashion. However, there is a brand that brings the best of the two worlds. Slowave claims to combine fashion and charm with comfort. The news is all true and once you visit the website and order a piece of clothing there will be no looking back.

Premium fabric converted in clothing that is nothing but personified comfort:


Slowave is proud to announce that they have crafted timeless elegance. Men’s clothing with such detailed precision that they simply sweep you off your feet. Coming to the collection that they showcase. It would be an understatement if I said  that they have the most comprehensive selection of clothes. 

Dress for all occasions:

Wanna beat Monday blues of office, or have an interview to crack, going on a first date or looking for lounge wear, or heading to a vacation but have a desire to slay the airport look, or plan to hangout with your gang, everything is covered and that too without compromising on comfort or quality. Plus the rates are competitive and affordable. 

Our motto barrier free living:

If there are no rules of chains to bind the free spirited boy in you then why should the clothes be limited. What do we have or what do we not have, is a question . We proudly claim to redefine the concept of business class comfort with the technology and ergonomic designs.

  • Co-ord sets- perfect option for airport look or for lounge wear. Moreover 0if you are comfortable then its apt for the party also.
  • Shirts- the regular full-sleeved and half-sleeved shirts in beautiful shades along with a wide collection of Bodhi shirts or shirts with Prince neck.
  • Trousers- the trousers are available in breathable fabric thus ee after a long day at work it will not seem as a long day.
  • Polo t- shirts- is there a concept of too many polo t-shirts? Moreover with the fabric and colour option that we offer it becomes a fashion and versatility aspect to get the collection in your wardrobe.
  • Shorts- stylish shorts that are comfortable and suitable for the coffee meet or movie date. Even for vacations it is the best option when paired with a polo t-shirt.
  • Joggers-  smart joggers that are your companion for workout or for casual outings. The joggers are new-era of leisure clothing. 

Quality at its best:

The menswear has been made using cutting edge technology and timeless elegance. The high tech premium fabrics are meant to grant comfort that is unbeatable both at work or during leisure. The technology inspired fabric is suitable for busy bees so that their productivity is not compromised all during the day. The clothes reflect your personality but do not create a vacuum of comfort quotient. The clothes are made with 8-axxis stretch and fuzz free piling, using the fabric that is natural and breathable. Thus we as a brand do not supply synthetic clothes which harm you and our Mother Earth. 

Therefore, if as a  man you were told that fashion and comfort do not walk hand in hand prove them wrong. When there is a whole spread of buffet to choose from why remain stuck in the oh so boring black and blue trousers with white tees. The wide array of style designs available in beautiful versatile shades is the call of hour.




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