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A baby is a bundle of joy. A baby is loved by all and everybody who comes across them just wants to snuggle them be it the family members or outsiders. Everybody simply loves them but they are also delicate at the same time and they need to be protected from all sorts of germs and infection. Kids are fragile and delicate and are vulnerable to germs thus utmost care is taken to protect them from the clutches or these germs. Everything that comes in contact with them needs to be sanitized. Even we need to thoroughly clean our hands before touching them. If the baby is attacked by germs they will get contaminated by many diseases.

For cleaning the babies wet wipes are very safe and handy. These are disposable pieces of soft fabric that makes the cleaning of babies easy. They are soft and thus the baby is also comfortable with its use. It is a boon for mothers when the baby is puking or pooping at any time, or the baby who is teething or the toddler who just messing up all the times or the mother who has no time to get ready before stepping out to the market.

These wipes can save so much of mother’s time by not letting her to visit the washroom every time or not being able to find a clean washroom. However one may think that why special wet wipes are required for babies when a simple cloth can do the same?

Wet wipes are specially designed fabric like material soaked in liquid that not only cleans the baby but also removes all the traces of germs and dirt from the baby and the cherry on the cake is that it is uber soft on the baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. Mother sparsh 98% Water Wipes is one of the best wet wipes available in the market.

mothersparsh baby wipes review,best baby wipes


Mother sparsh baby water wipes is made of 100% plant cotton and 98% water, thus it is gentle and nourishing on baby’s skin. The wipe is enriched with Organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Therefore the wipes are suitable for meal times, play times and potty times also. And not to forget that these wipes can also be used by mothers.


Price and Availability:

The water wipes are available at leading shopping websites in different packaging. A pack of 80 wipes are available only at INR 175.



The wipes are packed in a light blue colored plastic pack with an opening in the top that works to control its freshness and hygiene. The pack is convineant to carry in bag.


Ingredients of Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes:

Purified water, propylene glyol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol &Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Polyaminopropylbiguanide, Aloe Vera Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Vitamin E, Polysorbate 80, Fragrance, EDTA Disodium, Peg- 40Hydrogenated castor oil, Jojoba oil, Lactic acid/ TEA.

mothersparsh baby wipes,best baby wipes ,skin friendly wipes

MY take on Mother Sparsh Water Wipes:

I have come across many kinds of baby wipes that are imbibed with lotion in it, but this one contains only pure cotton with water and this was what attracted me towards it. Babies are to be cleaned frequently and if chemical wipes are used it will be harmful for the baby. Thus if these water wipes are used they will be not at all harsh on the baby as it is paraben and alcohol free. Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes is one of the best wipes in the market and is loved by all moms. Also as it was encouraged and loved by moms, it was re- launched by the company in the format of 98% water with 100% plant fabric, thus it is the only wipes in the country that is biodegradable.

As it is organic I use it with great confidence on my babies skin without the fear that it will result in rash on baby’s skin. Also as the wipes are with water they do not make the skin of baby soapy or greasy. As a mother I have always used the best products for my baby. I have made informed decisions and always analysed the facts thus here is a complete range of difference between Mother Sparsh 98% wet water wipes and ordinary wipes.

  • Water presence in wipes: Mother Sparsh comes with water content whereas the other wipes come  with lotion in it.
  •  Fabric used: Natural plant cotton is used for Mother Sparsh whereas the other wipes in market come in polyester fabric.
  •  Biodegradable: Mother Sparsh is completely biodegradable whereas other wipes are not so as they have synthetic fibre in them.
  •  clinically proven to prevent rashes: Mother Sparsh is clinically proven for prevention of rashes whereas no other wipes in the market assures the same.
  •  Flame test: As mother sparsh is pure cotton it is completely flammable whereas other wipes are not completely flammable.



  • 98% pure water based wet wipes
  • alcohol and paraben free
  • hypoaallergic
  • pH balanced
  • 100% visciose fabric used
  • skin friendly
  • biodegradable wipes
  • organic wipes
  • enriched with aloe vera
  • lab tested
  • soft on baby’s skin harsh on germs
  • can be used for new born babies
  • non- sticky
  • non –greasy
  • easy to carry
  • easy on pocket


As a mother I am satisfied with the product but it is the fact that it is not available easily everywhere thus while travelling it could be an issue. Apart from this issue it will always find place in my purse even when my kids grow up as it is safe and friendly. Thus growing up with wipes  from Mother Sparsh is the right choice.

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31 thoughts on “Mothersparsh 98% Water Wipes Review

  1. Oh wow.. I would definitely give it a try… Mothersparsh wipes are awesome it seems from your post. Thanks for sharing

  2. wow so many good points about this baby wipes… seems to be amazing…will definately spread alot among my mommy frnds about this

  3. I have tried the new mothersparsh eater wipes and loves it for its high water content and natural fibres which felt so soft

  4. Amazing and beautiful post. Mother Sparsh is a trusted brand and quite affordable. These wipes are best for the soft skin of kids.

  5. Great product for baby skin , it wont do any harm to them . Baby can have a good and happy day .

  6. Water wipes are amazing as they prevent any sort of discomfort or rashes and are gentle! Mother sparsh wipes are really good!

  7. I have read about these wipes quite a lot lately, would like to try myself. My daughter has sensitive skin and half of the things doesn’t suit her. Hopefully this will work.


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