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In India we have the typical five seasons, summer, winter, rainy, spring and autumn, adding to the list is the new season illness. Coming to this season it is the most dreaded and horrified season for parents. Hot discussions are on regarding the diseases, doctors and a few convert to doctors themselves.. The chambers of doctors are filled, and everywhere the topic of discussion is how severe the disease was or how did you fight it. A worried mom can do more research than the senior research analyst of any prestigious research institute or even for that matter more than the FBI agent. Now the seasons change the kids are bound to fall sick, they go to school and spread the germs thus some more kids contract the disease. It is a cycle the child recovers and then again there is a change of season and the same old story. The situation is horrible and heart breaking. It is the worst sight to see your munchkin falling sick and tied to a spot rather than roaming here and there and buzzing like a bee.


When my doll was small and had just started with pre-school every two month three month she would fall sick. If there is sudden fall or rise of temperature she would fall sick. I was so depressed the ecological balance had gone haywire and munchkin was suffering. Her growth time was being hampered, I was scared I had stopped her from going to park or eating even a bite of ice cream and covering her in layers of clothing or the worst sanitizing her hand and mine after every few seconds. I was super tensed and had lost my cool was constantly crossed or just saying no to my little kiddo for almost everything. However at the back of mind there was a question, why as a child my siblings or me used not fall sick this often in spite of the carefree brought up. This question triggered in my mind and I always wanted a free childhood for my angel also. I wanted a situation wherein she is strong to fight with the diseases herself. She needs to be strong that diseases do not even touch her.


The only ray of hope was taking steps to boost her immunity so the germs, virus or changing seasons do not harm her. Getting on the mission I did all the research and made a list of food items that are to be called super foods that boost the immunity of child and protect them from falling sick. Sharing with you is the list that helped my kiddo and me to enjoy all the seasons, be a few showers in the rainy season or the early morning walks in the winter season or the countless ice creams of the summer season.


Coming to super foods what are they? Super foods are foods containing a variety of disease fighting nutrients. They are readily available, economical and delicious also. As per experts super foods are immunity boosting super foods that provide the nutrients to your body to not only fend off virus and infection but also help your body fight against immune related illness like arthritis. We want are sunshine’s to shine bright and protect them from getting sick especially when cold and flu seasons rolls around.


Presenting the super list of super foods:


sweet potato

Starting with best and perfect super food; sweet potato. The best source of vitamin A- meeting 561 percent of daily value in one potato. It also comprises of immune boosting powers. Vitamin A is popular for keeping your natural barrier to germs healthy and strong the skin and mucous membranes in the digestive tract and lungs. Incorporate it your child’s meal as a sweet dish or savory. Let the child enjoy it baked, mashed, cubed or sautéed with onions. I used to make my kiddo’s favorite burger with these sweet potatoes. The tikia made out of it tastes the same like that made from the regular potatoes with extra dose of health in every bite.




Garlic a super food not only adds taste and flavor to food but also has a bio-active chemical called allicin. This chemical has the antibacterial activity that helps to fight of infections caused various bacteria and virus. Including some garlic in their diet by means of tadka in the curry or serving them garlic bread, rice or noodles goes a long way in fighting common cold or any body pain.




Honey has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Honey is full of vitamins that helps to fight bacteria. It helps to traet cough, cold, inflammation and gastric ulcers. I put honey in my kid’s shakes or bake a cake or cookie with it, and I am sorted for the season. My child is fit and happy with the yummy food she gets to eat.


4. NUTS:


Nuts like almonds, peanut and walnuts are great source of good fats. They are full of vitamins and zinc with great deal of antioxidants. Versatile food that can be easily camouflaged in any food or even consuming them directly is a good option. Including it in her baked cakes and cookies or shakes or disguise it in her rolls, she loves it and gets an extra dose of health also.



green leafy vegetables

Vegetables are the healthiest foods on the planet Earth. Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, gourds and cabbages are fully loaded with essential vitamins and antioxidants that boost immune system functioning. Like any child my kiddo makes faces at the mere sight of these vegetables but I am mom so all I do is make a parantha out of the vegetables or top it up on her favorite pizza. Cooking experiments continue to happen as I incorporate these vegetables in her meal.


Apart from the above certain seeds like flax seeds, sesame seeds or sunflower seeds are also super foods if your child can eat it after chewing properly but sadly my kiddo just gulps them down and remains deprived of its benefits. I you have any that I can use to trick my kiddo please let me know.


As parents we give our 100% to ensure their good health but essential apart from the above occasional random hugs and kisses along with some cuddles and talks full of love is required to give the best and healthiest childhood.

Hope you liked this post. Now, it is the time for departure and the next stop is  Nisha’s  beautiful blog. Stay hooked and enjoy winter with the Winter Express!!

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  1. Really beneficial information i have come across in this article. Garlic and sweet potatoes are reAlly a boon for immunity in winters

  2. Winters really demand a good care of the young ones. Every parent wants to see their child all healthy n haapy. This is definitely a big help. Amazing info for everyone

  3. Winter brings along many options of veggies, and this is what I love the most about the winter season. Your list is great to choose the right food for kids that will give them immunity.

  4. Winter is such a charming weather full of green vegetables and colourful fruits. This is the best season to enjoy food too. Loved reading your list. Great compilation.

  5. This is such an informative and useful post for parents. And I totally agree with you that by boosting immunity of our kids, we can provide them a carefree childhood. Thanks for this post.

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