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As a mother of two cute little munchkins, my biggest concern is allowing them any screen time, howsoever adverse the situation is. We are in a nuclear family setup and sometimes even I am tempted to allow the child with mobile, but deep down I am well aware that these few minutes could increase and ultimately my child would end up having increased screen time. Still when I came across this Lipa Land app I was forced to change the rule and allow my kids some time with this app.



lipa land,delhiblogger,kids learning app


As a mother, the first thing that I liked that it is KIDSAFE certified. Other apps are not designed for kids and search engines may lead to sites that are not suitable for the kids. New content is released regularly in the app. So kids will never run out of stories or games. The content is divided into different themes called ‘Worlds’. Currently there are 5 Worlds in Lipa Land – Kingdom, Wizards, Universe, City and Pirates.

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The app has been developed by educational specialists so all the content in the app is for the benefit of kids. The kids can see, play or solve puzzles that are apt for them and helps them to develop their skills. Like my younger one enjoys the stories that have moral in them. The app has many bedtime stories and audiobooks about shapes, colours, interesting facts about galaxy and much more. So even my elder one joins her in explaining things and together they learn, grow, and develop a very special sibling bond between them.

lipa land,lipa land app,delhiblogger


As kids enjoy playing games like “boat race” or pirates of the world”, they have fun, they laugh, cry, fight, console each other, and my husband guides them through the game. I can very easily distract them and feed them all the greens, so it our family time together that we all look forward too. It is fun and the most chilled out way for the whole family to be together. It is these small moments that we spent together that later on in life will lay foundation to strong relationships and memories.


Anything that kids learn while playing they enjoy it all the more and it stays with them. I am assured that my kids are learning something new. She has learnt various shapes and colours with this app, and can also recite a bit of rhymes or ABCD.


Technology is good and bad both, but its involvement in our life cannot be denied. I can very well vouch the importance of technology and that kids need to be able to use the gadgets and technology for their benefit without being affected by the ill-effects of the technology. Thus this app helps them to navigate the technology yet as it introduces the outside world or the things

like galaxy, sun, moon, stars, water animals. They learn to explore things and want to see them for real and develop their analytical nature and inquisitive nature. Thus the app truly teaches them to balance digital and real world, both.


I have installed the app and after trying the trial version for 2 weeks, we loved it so much that I had to buy the in-app purchases. I highly recommend it to the fellow moms. Try the app yourself first and then make an informed decision of letting your munchkin to treat the land of Lipa. Check the link for more details –



12 thoughts on “Lipa land- An App That Makes Your Kids Screen Time More Meaningful!

  1. Agree with its vert difficult to avoid the screen time but if we make it productive for kids is benificial for them .m going to try this app for my daughter

  2. I think this is really a good app for kids and as a mommy i am not tensed about my kid clinging to phone anymore. This seems to be an educational app and my kid is going to learn many things while keeping me carefree.

  3. Wow… since long i have been waiting for an app for my kid … thank to this app, he would now be free from over aggressive games and wud indluge in puzzle related WORLD activities…..

  4. Woww.. This is a much needed app for little kids to ensure that their screentime is a creative one and has scope for learning. Loved all your pointers and u have so elaborately explained the advantages of this wonderful app. I am surely going to download it for my kid

  5. This one’s truly a unique app with so many features.
    It’s an absolute must have in every parents phone I guess.

  6. I generally keep my son away from screen but this seems to be very promising application..seems like it will be fun and learning together for kids..

  7. Thanks for letting us know about this beautiful app dear . Absolutely loved the article and downloaded the app . My kids are enjoying and learning a lot ?


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