I was the pampered, darling daughter of my parents, especially my father he just adored me. My mom even if denied me anything, I knew my dad would get it for me. I still remember if I did not like the food cooked by mom I used to fight with her and take money from dad to eat out. My room was a mess and my mom cleaned it always. I was spoilt and was busy with studies so never bothered to help my mom with household chores or even my personal work. I never felt grateful towards my mom or realized how difficult her life is. Rather I felt that we have tough studies to do or there are exams or dad is busy in his office and she has the leisure to be at home.

My mom when she used to get mad at my careless attitude would often told “wait till you have your kids”. Back in my mind I was like I am not an emotional fool or will never waste my life and education by being a housewife and a worried mom, rather I will have my identity, and will be a strong women, not someone who is just concerned about the quantity and quality of food her kids are eating or get worried if the kids do not reach home in time.  I always considered that whatever my mom is doing is just a part of her life and never felt grateful or obliged for that, but if my dad would unexpectedly take us out for an ice cream or golgappa party we would simply hug him and say you are the best. However if mom would cook something exotic we never bothered to thank her but if she made something horrible we would show our anger and would start non-cooperation movement.


Time went I completed my studies and started to work was happy the way my life was shaping up and also felt proud that I have not ended up being a housewife. Then came the turning point of my life and I conceived. A roller coaster ride for my body and me, I gained weight and had awful mood swings.

With the birth of my daughter ,I also took a new birth . My life started rotating around my daughter and it seems like time has got wings and after 7 years and I welcomed another bundle of joy in my life.


I never went back to job because I could not leave my kids in someone else’s supervision ,they became my first priority. For me it was only me who could understand their needs and fulfill them in the best way. Their food, studies, activities was my only concern. I lost the track of my looks rather I focused only in keeping my kids very neat and beautiful. I drop my kid to school and get her back because the school bus is also not trusted by me. From an independent girl I became an emotional fool, and never felt sad or bad about it. I am happy if my kids achieve something or they eat well. Even if they sneeze I am worried and any new disease that is news worries me that my kids will get infected. Thus history repeated itself and I realized what sacrifices my mom made to help us achieve so much. And it is only after becoming mom I realized the importance of mother’s day and make some efforts to make it special for her. I still have the guilt for not appreciating my mom earlier but after becoming a mum myself I realize that being a mom is not easy.





11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Mom

  1. Motherhood is really an awesome journey of life. In every step we come to know how out’s mon sacrificed .. But it’s always enjoyable too with the little munchkins..

  2. Heartwarming post. Yes we human are like this, untill we face the situation we dont understand or realise importance of loved ones. But glad that you started loving your mom double and know well . Am sure history wont repeat and your children will always be grateful to u.


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