December arrives and so the preparations and planning for christmas starts.. Who does not loves gifts? Christmas and gifts are synonymous to each other, so what better occasion than Christmas to gift your loved ones. A gift is just not a stuff but a representation of your feelings for them and also an extension of your personality. Christmas is a never ending fascination with its glittering stars, cribs, decorated trees and the yummy cake. So inspired by the uniqueness of the festival here is a list of gift ideas that can just enhance the beauty and joy of the upcoming party season.

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1. THE CAKE MIX HAMPER- Cake and Christmas are two inseparable words. The cake mix parties that was a common practice in the European countries has now become a common practice even in our country. Earlier it was a celebrated event for the star hotels, but now even the kids with their friends and families like to participate in it. Get hamper and put all the ingredients essential for cake mix. Grab some fruits like strawberry, peaches, apricot, blueberry, pineapple, fig, cherry, plum, orange peel, and nuts like cashew nut, almond, pistachio, raisins and some fruit juices, honey ant other things like marsh mellow, the list is a per your desire. Decorate it in a hamper and send it off to your loved ones with a beautiful handwritten note. The aroma emanates from this hamper strong enough to lure anyone.

If you desire you can also set a basic cake mix kit with a handwritten recipe with a customized apron and chef hat. Pack the stuff essential to bake a cake and set the mood for the party.

Similar to cake mix a cookie mix hamper can also be created. Flour, essence, activating agents, plums, yummy cherries, grapes, nut and tutti frutti to bedecked the gift hamper.

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2.  HOME DÉCOR KIT- We all love to decorate our homes for the Christmas, the hanging star, the Christmas tree, a pair of stockings and the Santa, ornaments, tinsel, tree skirt, tree stand, multiple strings of lights, staircase banisters, artificial garland, wide ribbon, scented garlands, wreath, and many for stuff for this festival of decorations. Décor your hamper with all the goodies that you want to gift to your loved one for decorating the house.

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3.  BOOKS- Books are the best gift for any occasion. As the holiday season will come so to keep yourself occupied or keep the kids busy it will definitely be the best gift. Gift the season’s bestseller or an all time favorite classic or any activity book for to kids. Books serve the purpose of gift and at the same time the knowledge they impart will last for lifetime.

Santa dress
                       Me with my princess

4.  CUSTOMIZED CLOTHES: Christmas calls for family parties and picnics. Thus gifting a set of clothes customized for the whole squad will be a wonderful idea. Customized clothes are in trend these days and getting an outfit customized for a Christmas carnival or Christmas eve will be so exciting.

gifts barbie doll house
                            Barbie doll house
santa claus gifts
             santa claus  pencils


5.  GAMING SET AND STUFF TOYS: I am a mommy of two and till date believe that Santa gets us gift. This Christmas be the Santa for the kids gift them some stuff toys, or educational toys or for that matter the latest gaming set. A gift should bring smile and for kids these are the best options.

Box full of yummy pastries
                          yummy pastries


6.  CHOCOLATES: There is no occasion that cannot be celebrated with chocolate. Gifting chocolate on Christmas is a wonderful idea as it will help to end the year on a sweet note and start the New Year with an added dose of sweetness. Options to get special messages engraved on the chocolate or get it printed on the wrapper is there. What is sweeter the chocolate or message, definitely your affection for the person whom you are gifting.

customized mug
          customized mug for kids


7.  CUSTOMIZED MUGS – Drinking hot chocolate in a mug that has been engraved with your name and message for is just like cherry on the cake. Kids love to have their names written on their stuff so gifting them crockery with their names on it will definitely bring a sunshine smile on their face.This Christmas be the Secret Santa and bring a wholesome smile on the face of your loved ones.

Merry christmas in advance .




  1. Woow amazing posting,taken worries of my Christmas gift . Now I know what to buy . Your daughter look cute in santa cap


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