Elegance, grace, sustainable fashion, forever in trend, comfort, and beauty are the adjectives that can define chikankari fabric. Coming from the land of kebabs and adabh,chikankari fabric instantly steals the show. I was always in love with Chikankari suits and kurtis. However, getting the best chikankari which is authentic and real. There are big brands who are trying to capitalise on the beauty of this fabric, however use the machines to get the results.

Chikankari is a handmade embroidery which is labour intensive. It requires skilled hands of craftsmen who work for hours weaving the threads to create a masterpiece. The craftsmen from lucknow are world famous for their excellence but then getting my hands on the Chikankari kurta seemed a dream . The reason was simply connecting with the art men was not possible without my travelling to lucknow. However, the Universe works strangely and dreams come true. I was watching the much loved show “ Shark Tank” and voila the team from House of Chikankari was there to pitch. It was a pleasant shock as the brand was getting the traditional chikankari an international appeal. The workers and makers were now getting a platform to showcase their talent. It was a business with a goal and mission.

Much has been said about “ vocal for local” “sustainable fashion”, “free from cruelty’ and more the brand fulfills all the messages. Plus they present authentic chikankari clothes with a hint of modern fashion and also in their old form. The pitch was liked by all and they did get the funding. Rightly said they grew with the community. Today it is one of the leading fashion houses when talking of chikankari. From the very day they made their national appearance I was sure that I would buy something from them and fulfil my dream. The website was amazing and has the most unique collection of sheer elegance. The mom and daughter run the company with their workers and artisans who are like closely knit family members. The pieces are intricately hand-embroidered Chikankari outfits. They have a collection of daily wear casual to formal party wear heavy outfits. Additionally they have a section for men. The colours and material provide immense options to choose from. Plus each outfit comes with a promise of authenticity and wholesome happiness. Chinkari becomes a household name: The brand was started with a vision to revive the traditional Indian handicraft and help the artisans to continue the tradition of embroidery. The brand presents best quality outfits at the most reasonable prices.

what I ordered

I got a very beautiful set of chikankari suit. It is in royal blue colour. Rayon fabric is
sustainable and looks stunning. It requires minimum maintenance plus can be used for ages.The dark blue colour with white delicate embroidery creates a statement piece.

Wearing HOC suit

The piece has simple and classy embroidery done around the neck and sleeves. The pant also has a touch of thread creating it a masterpiece. It is my treasured collection which i will adorn to stand out of the crowd and support the thousands of local artisans.




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