“Last week when  I went to the toy shop with my daughter, there was a kid aged  4-5 years, he was asking his mother  for a toy and when his mom refused he started crying blatantly and was wallowing on the ground … I saw his mother’s face, she was very embarrassed” 


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It is a known fact that being a parent is not easy. One needs to strike a balance between pampering the child and at the same time ensure that the child learns the basic virtues of being a good human being and maintain discipline. When we talk about discipline in small children, one of the major problems is to see that they behave properly when in public. If you too are a parent who struggles keeping your kids disciplined in public places, then you must go through these handy tips.

How to discipline kids in public:


  1. Be tactful:


When your child starts throwing a tantrum in public places you need to tackle your kid tactfully. Try to explain to your child that the reason for which he or she is crying or screaming can be taken care if your kid calms down. Try to give a touch of love and understanding in order to discipline child in public places.


  1. The stern look:


Give your child that stern look when he or she begins creating a scene in public. Make it very clear that you do not like it one bit and if he or she does not stop then it can lead to punishment once they are back home.


  1. Explain to them the need to be disciplined:


Whenever your child is in an obedient and playful mood at home try to explain to your kid the importance of behaving properly in public places. Explain to him or her that their rude and bad behavior can create an negative impression about them and that people will feel that this boy or girl is a spoilt kid with no manners.



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  1. Avoid screaming or beating your child in public:


Many times parents feel that the best way to discipline child in public places is by shouting and slapping the child in the public place. What parents need to understand here that this may not be the right solution. In fact it may backfire and the child may start throwing more tantrums and things may go beyond your control. Also parents need to understand that it can have a negative effect on the overall personality of your child.


  1. Analyse the reasons for the bad behavior:


It is also very important for the parents to try and understand the reasons due to which the child is throwing tantrums in public. Parents need to check if their child is doing it to seek attention or send out some kind of message. Parents need to speak to the child lovingly once the child has calmed down and try and understand why the child behaved this way. This is of utmost importance if the child shows this type of unruly behavior very often. Children creating a ruckus in public places can be very embarrassing and irritating. But the parents need to handle the situation with lots of patience and in a thoughtful manner. If they feel that there is some problem with the overall behavior of their child then they need to seek advice from a counselor or psychologist.



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  1. I think every single parents have gone through this situation once in life. This post is mush helpful regarding keeping child clam in public places.


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