As the tagline of the brand says “A photograph is the save button for the mind’s eye!” I found it one of the most beautiful and touching line that I saw on internet. I was looking for best and heartfelt options of rakhi gifting. I was done with chocolates and sweets. As these edibles are add ons and they get over. I wanted to gift my brother and my girls something that lasts forever. A special gift that celebrates our personal bond.

Personalized gifting options explicitly claim about your thought and effort that went into the making and selection of the gift. Therefore Zoomin was the first and undeniably the best gift choice. They offer the best way to preserve your photographs. Is it not cute. The app get about a lakh daily uploads of photographs. Thus so many happy faces and people. It is simple to use but trust me once on the app it brings a whole lot of emotions to your mind. While uploading the photo I was myself swimming in the sea of memories.

The best in the market:

It is not that they are the first personlize gifting brand. Yet they are the best and the most loved one. Reason is simple they are on your mobile app and easy to use. It is literally a few taps away from the best gift option. Upload your photos, transport then from Instagram or Facebook add some Google Photos review and hit the print button. A stunningly good quality photo is printed. The best screen resolution and what not comes to your rescue.

The app presents the latest and the easiest photo printing personalized gifting and custom home decor solutions. There are so many themes, updates, product dropping and exciting deals that make gifts so beautiful.

What I ordered?

Photobooks: I cannot tell how beautiful and lovely does a photobook looks. I ordered 6 photobooks for my girls which have beautiful moments that captured into hard copy pics.

Metal print for my girls:
the magnificence of a metal photo can never be stated in words. It
is epitome of beauty and strength at the same time. Thus I exclusively ordered this for them. It has a pic of them tying rakhi to each other. A perfect photo captured perfectly on the perfect medium and that too with utmost precision.

Framed prints

Adding more beauty to decor: for the rakhi party and rakhis I wanted something cute. What better than the nostalgic childhood memories. I picked a photo added a sweet note and got it printed on a wood piece. Used it as rakhi by adding the thread. Trust me it was the best rakhi ever made. It justified the feelings. Added so much of happiness with the cute photos that used for decoration.
Above all I got a special discount and totally loved it further. The app is a must try and totally addictive.




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