Going Natural is the best way of life be it your attitude, personality or make up. Most of us buy the make up products without even realizing the toxicity and chemical that they contain. The situation is bad and we are so unaware that that we continue to use drugstore products without even realizing the harm that they are causing to our health, skin and environment. Amanda Jo , of Organic Bunny explains explicitly the way of going natural and beautiful in the most sustainable way. She explains ways in which we can adopt a natural skin care and make up routine while safeguarding our health and safety.

What makes the make up toxic?

The simple answer to this troublesome question is use of parabens and lead in the makeup and skin care products. The two mentioned substances have been used in the products for decades. However, they are not only the toxic elements that find way in the make up and skin care products, plenty of other chemicals also form a part of the products. Thus the products are highly dangerous for the young and small make up and product wearers.

The most problematic product in the category is sunscreen. Sunscreen should function to protect the user from cancer. However, there are certain ingredients in the sunscreen that cause cancer. Ingredients like oxybenzone, a hormone disruptor, and this can be replaced with natural mineral ingredients like zinc and titanium and oxide. Well the problem does not stay here there are other ingredients like talc and petroleum derivatives like mineral oil that form the main part of oil and other products. Asbestos is a toxin product that enters the cheap quality talc to contaminate is and harms the users.

Why should we go back to the natural products?

Once you are aware of the harmful ingredients that enter the make up and skin care products you are bound to stop their use. Many are even tempted to stop the use of products. However it is crucial to use make up and skin care products as going bare is not the option but then going natural is the best way out. Thus here the brand comes in picture as they help with the natural products for staying beautiful and groomed. Thus using products from Organic Bunny is for people who want to strive go healthy yet look beautiful at the same time.

Find better replacement of the chemical and toxic products:

Finding good quality natural products are difficult. The natural products are of good quality but they don’t spend huge amount on advertising or hiring brand ambassador as making the products affordable is required. The website of the company has listed the products and you can order for a free sample and try your sample. If you like the products as they are addictive because of the good quality you can buy the products. Organic Bunny has testimonials from the old buyers who highly recommend the product and if you like the products then there is no looking back.



11 thoughts on “Natural products for healthy skin

  1. Natural products are indeed very healthy and good for the overall bodycare. Most of the cosmetics and products available in the market are full of chemicals. We indeed should be moving towards all natural things.

  2. Natural is indeed the way to go for healthy skin. Avoiding the use of products with harsh chemicals is necessary. It is time to utilize the goodness of natural ingredients like turmeric, etc.

  3. I prefer natural products too it’s really safe on the skin. We should avoid products which has chemicals or preservatives in it.

  4. It is very true, chemical-laden products at times can be hazardous to your skin or hair. It is important to read and do your own research. One should look for the potent ingredients that goes in a particular product.

  5. The most problematic product in the category is sunscreen. Sunscreen should function to protect the user from cancer. However, there are certain ingredients in the sunscreen that cause cancer .
    This line gave me goosebumps. We are unaware of so many things and use products blindly thankz for this info

  6. Yes we should try more and more natural products for skin care as most herbal products also contain harmful chemicals which might harm more than good.


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