Great news for the Delhi residents as admission forms for nursery admissions will be available in Delhi. Kids aged 6 and below are eligible for admissions and the forms will be available from 29th November. In Delhi , every year the private schools issue admission forms for their nest session. This year the entire admission process starts 15 days earlier as compared to the last year. the new arrangement has been designed so that there are no hassles and issues for the schools and the parents.

The process starts, after your buying admission form for INR 25,many schools allows you to apply online and all  you need to submit the print of registration form along with self attested necessary documents  and  expected to submit it on or  before 27th December with all necessary documents as required. If you desire to avail the prospectus of the school you can buy it after spending additional amount of INR 100. However, there is no compulsion to buy the prospectus.

Delhi, has some 1,850 private schools in which there are 1.5 lakh seats to be filled. The admissions can be sought in classes Nursery, K.G, and One. All the schools have 20% seats reserved for the management quota. Around 25% of the seats is reserved for EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) and DG (Disadvantaged Group). The Delhi Government conducts lottery to fill the seats reserved for EWS and DG. The remaining 55% seats are for the general masses and the admissions in these seats are done as per a fixed criterion.

Each school follows a different pattern to take admission. The only similar pattern is that all the schools give points out 100 on specific criterion depending on which the admissions are conducted. Of this the most important criterion is the distance between the school and the house of candidate. Lesser the distance between the two, greater the points, and therefore stronger chances for admission. Points are also granted if there are siblings of the candidate already studying in the school. If there are siblings the points are greater and so are the chances of admission. After this there are points for alumni, single child, girl child, staff child and a few more. Depending on the scores received the child is granted admissions in the school.

For example, in Delhi there is a school in Mayur Phase 1, The Alcone International School, this school grants 25 to 45 points for the neighborhood criterion, 25 points for siblings, 15% for staff kids, 10% for single parents, and 5% for alumni. Similarly Mayur Phase 2 has a school Bal BHawan Public School, this school has decided to 60 points out of 100 for sibling/ staff child/ alumni. For the neighborhood criterion they have 40 points, the proximity to location should be 6km and if the school is at 10 to 12 km distance the points given is 20. Doon School from Paschim Vihar has 70 points for kids coming from a distance of 1 km or less. They have allotted 10 points for alumni and 5 for girl child and another 5 for single parents. Don Bosco School located in the Alonanda locality gives 35 points for Catholic Christians, 35 points for neighborhood, 20 points for sibling and alumni has 10 points. Caramel Convent from Chanakya Nagri has 20 points for Catholic Christians, 20 points for sibling, 10- 10 points for alumni and staff kids. The Mothers’ International located in the Shree Aurbindo Marg has 40 points for neighborhood, 30 points for sibling, 20 points for alumni.

Important dates regarding Aadmissions:
By 28th November 2019, all the schools will disclose their admissions criterion and points allotment.
1. By 29th November the admission forms will be available.
2. Last date for the submission of form will be 27th December.
3. By 10th January 2020, information regarding the applicants for open seats will be disclosed.
4. By the 17th January 2020, the points of these kids will be disclosed.
5. By the 24th January 2020 the first selection list will be issued.
6.  If the parents have any issue or queries regarding the first list then from 27th January to 3rd February 2020 they can ask the school in written or oral.
7. 12th February 2020 there will issue of second list.
8. If the parents have any issue or queries regarding the second list then from 13th February to 19th February 2020 they can ask the school in written or oral.
9. On 6th March 2020 another 3rd list is issued if there are any vacant seats.
10. By 16th March the admission process will get over.


The necessary documents that will be required for admissions are as follows:


Birth Certificate
Address Proof
Adhar Card (of parents and child)
Passport size photo of kid
Passport size photo of parents
Family Photo
Medical Certificate



8 thoughts on “Delhi Admissions : Important Dates And Procedure

  1. I see admissions in schools are not that easy now like they used to be a few decades ago. The process looks similar to the one we have here in England. We are also given general dates and are published on each state’s council websites and on school’s website. Each child can apply for upto 3 schools with a preference and admission list is finalized atleast 9 months in advance.

  2. This post just made my heart beat loud bcz my daughter will be admitted to school this year and the whole thing I’d such a big tension for the three of us. Her process begins on 23rd this month

  3. That’s not easy to take admission in Delhi private school. This process help a lot in solving many queries while taking admission

  4. Nursery admissions are such a complicated but such an important begining, this article is really helpful to understand how the schools calculate and ascertain eligibility.


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