Today is the era of social media and all of us are spending more of our time there. Social media helps us getting updated and full of information. However, selecting the best mode to get complete information that is organic and holistic. LinkedIn helps getting information about corporates, Facebook is for awareness and personal insights, thus for academicians there is the need for the go-to-social media networking. Therefore for education and more for academicians there is this amazing social network called

What is MachPrinciple?

Studies and science with all related research is Holy Grail for all science enthusiasts but then getting all this information at the click of hand is dream. It is not as easy as it sound but the with machPrinciple this dream was realized. MachPrinciple makes science all the more interesting as it allows interesting discussions on all topics of science. It is the new social networking platform that connects all educationists, scientists, students and science enthusiasts from different countries of the world. The platform has all information regarding well-researched news, science papers, conferences under a single domain called Science. It covers all fields of science right from astronomy to the current genomics, the network has all science related news and information.

Why was MachPrinciple formed?

Sciences and its findings are developing in different parts of the world. Science enthusiasts or students or even fellow researchers would love to know about it. Getting global information regarding science at the click of your fingertip would have been amazing. There were different researches and happenings developing at different levels. Today we are in an era of science overload and thus getting all this information along with interesting and healthy discussions on the topic would have been uber interesting. The publication explosion often missed important information and thus the need to have a network connecting the academicians erupted. MachPrinciple is the Facebook of academicians and thus it makes the complete information sharing and gaining process very interesting and swift. The difference between Facebook, LinkedIn and MachPrinciple is that the later is solely occupied for connecting enthusiasts from the field of science but apart than this it is similar to these social media networks and is therefore very user friendly.

How does MachPrinciple help?

MachPrinciple is the academic counterpart of the social media networks. It allows you the following:
Create your profile and write about interests.
Be the first one to read all the recent developments and happenings
Publish your scrap in scrapbook, post an article or submit research paper.
Connect with like-minded ones, press save, like, comments on the posts of other people.
Communicate with the members of the group.
Get full and correct information about Global Universities and school
Build your CV.

Who can publish posts on social media website MachPrinciple?

Scientists: They have the right to post in the social media to improve their citation.
Academicians- it is the best networking site for all the ones who are connected through education.

Students- For students it is the hub for all information about science. It has the most comprehensive list of information about all institutes and colleges. Along with it there are reviews and this helps in selecting the best possible institute on the basis of information from different sources.
It is the time to change and switch over this social media networking site it to get all science related information at the click of your hand.

For academicians getting all comprehensive information about the science MachPrinciple is the best platform. Thus MachPrinciple has brought new level of energy in the world of academicians. Create your profile on the platform and get mesmerized with the wide expanse of knowledge available on this forum. The platform similar to Facebook allows you to connect with people from the field of your inerests.



13 thoughts on “MachPrinciple: The New Era Of Educational Social Networking

  1. Never heard of this platform for academicians. Thanks Preeti for sharing this article. This platform seems a much needed one in field of education. Its indeed a great place to meet like minded people and grab knowledge

  2. Thank God humare time per itni complications nahi thi
    Glad aapne itne detail me samjhaya, thank you so much 👍👍

  3. Being a doctor, I am highly interested in anything related to science and academics. machprinciple sounds like an amazing platform and a valuable online community for students and educationists, thanks a lot sharing info about it, will surly explore it more!

  4. This is an interesting concept indeed! A network for science people is the need of the day especially with so much fake news going out on the Net. Well explained article on this scientific social network.

  5. I am sure this platform will make life easy for many students and researchers! Thanks for the informative article.


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