Installing Helo is as easy as installing any other app on your device.

For any user – be it Android or iOS, one just needs to follow a few easy steps mentioned below.


Step 1


Enter the play store/app store of the device.


Step 2

Type Helo on the search bar. Once you type Helo, the original Helo app icon will appear among several other similar names as displayed on the image mentioned below

Helo app, how to install Helo app,delhiblogger

Step 3

Tap on the Helo icon from the list and you will see the Helo page appear in a jiffy. There you will see ‘Install’ on a green rectangular box as displayed below.

Helo app,how to install Helo app,Delhi blogger

Step 4

Tap on the ‘Install’ button to start the installation process. It will take not more than a few seconds if the internet speed is decent. Once installed, you will see two boxes placed side by side, showing ‘Uninstall’ and ‘Open’ as mentioned below.

Helo app, how Helo app works, delhiblogger

Step 5

Select ‘Open’ and you are good to go!

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Helo, available in 14 regional languages, keeps you connected with your loved ones!

Helo brings your favorite game in your language

Helo app, how to use Helo app,delhiblogger

Your Helo app is ready for you to browse and get exciting things on news feed.







15 thoughts on “How to Install the Helo App

  1. The app sounds lovely and seems easy ro install as that the app is available in different languages And have options of playing games too. Is it like social media community app?

  2. I love using help, one of my latest favourite platform to showcase our creativity and connect with like-minded people

  3. This Helo app seems to be a great one-stop-shop for many different needs. Thanks for sharing all the important details!

  4. Sounds like this app is ideal for using with family and friends. I like that it can be in a regional language too! The way you have explained it with adequate photos will help a when I download this app. I’m saving this post till then.


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