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The era of Covid 19 has brought a halt to the lives of people across the globe. The times are difficult and under a situation of lockdown the toughest job is not doing household chores or working from home but its keeping the kids busy and entertained.

More than keeping them busy, the need of the hour is to keep them occupied in a constructive way. This is the toughest challenge that we parents face keeping the kids happy, entertained, and busy all at the same time but staying within the confined four walls of the house.

Worry not as to your rescue has come  ZEE5 Kids Sounds interesting isn’t it? ZEE5 Kids is exclusively for kids that provides 4000 hours of entertainment and is available for free for the users. The topics covered are of wide variety and caters to kids of different age groups. The content is available in various languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri. Let’s have this ride full of fun with ZEE5


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Vir The Robot Boy has come to help you during the tough times:

From creativity to knowledge is there anything that Vir the Robot Boy is not impeccable at. Importantly the sci-fi cartoon character sets morals and goals for the kids to be followed. For the kids he is the perfect role model for the super boy.

The robot boy series can help the kids in many ways. The sci-fi cartoon can actually help your restless Kids to stay in a place for sometime. Vir is a super boy he is a robot who entertains the kids but also expands their knowledge. Watching sci-fi cartoons is the best way to educate the kids. Thus when you are busy with your chores you can let the kids watch the sci-fi and help them stay busy.

The plot of Vir The Robot Boy:

The story is centered around protagonist Vir who is a robot but looks like a boy and has human feelings and has Imli as friend and classmate, then there is Chulbul the donkey and Gintu the Jinn. Dr. Prem Shay has developed the robot Vir and the army wants to use him for defense purposes and on the other hand Mad Max the antagonist tries to trap him and use him to rule over the world and do all evil deeds. Each episode has been made in a stand alone story where Vir and his friends unravel the mysteries and fight evil to make the world a better place.

Why Vir the Robot Boy is a good watch:

Expand the thought process- Sci-fic don’t revolve around daily lives but here there is a twist the stories revolve around daily lives and the technology used is beyond imagination. Thus the thought process of kids is expanded and the kids are able to think out of the box. The story has positive vibes thus the kids can think positively and the stress that they otherwise build up in their minds due to competition and mad race is eased out to a very great extent.

Creativity loop- The story is a sci-fi version of the future thus the kids will become more creative and their brain workings will improve. Their knowledge and confidence will improve. You never know the future scientist or engineer or inventor in your house actually develops a gadget that the story uses.

Educative- The story has everything from nature to humanity to science. This makes it a super educational serial to be watched by the kids. The series is available in English thus if you desire to improve the vocabulary of kids then you can have them watch it in English. The serial helps the kids to see the future and then contribute positively in the making of the future. Thus with Vir let them soar their wings and fly high.

Family time- let me tell you the series is so interesting that the child in me enjoys it thoroughly and even I watch it with my kids. Therefore it becomes a family affair and we enjoy our family time without stressing much as to what to do or activity to be planned.



13 thoughts on “ZEE5 KIDS: VIR The Robot Boy, to your rescue will keep the kids entertained

  1. Good to hear about this series on ZEE5. I was looking for such a series I can watch and enjoy with my family.

  2. Vir the robot boy it’s animation is great,it’s theme song is great,it is full of manner, obedience ,kindness, smartness, intelligence, and in its every episode there is always something to learn.

  3. We are in my family enjoying ZEE5 kids very much. So many new stories specially curated for kids which is great.

  4. Indeed zee5 kids has so many things to offer for kids especially in this lockdown would like to check out


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