Is coding really important? It is an ongoing debate that has become trendy and people are confused as what should their take be on this. As a mother of growing up kids in this digital era I completely agree to the fact that learning robotics and coding is very important. Hands down the best gift that any parent can give to their child is the knowledge of coding. Importantly Avishkaar is a brand, which is making coding, and robotics a part of our kid’s life just like ABCD.

The combination of technology with education is beneficial for the students and helps in the growth of their concepts. With Avishkaar Robotics advance kits I was able to introduce the phenomenal world of coding to my kids. Ever since then they have grown to be better and more interested in their studies. The company has introduced the most popular robotics solution designed to support (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics). Learning nurture creativity and imagination, critical, and logical thinking. All age groups immensely love it.


The domain of edtech supports that the earlier children learn about coding the better are the chances of their success. The world is progressing and there is no denial to the fact that we are in the digital era and coding is a survival skill here. Computers have entered all the fields and have grown to become an inevitable part of our life thus the need of coders cannot be declined. Coding and robotics has become the basic literacy in contemporary society, and provides the opportunity to the kids of this generation to innovate the technology that surrounds them. Therefore for a secured future it is highly important that the kids learn to code from an early age and with Avishkar I was able to do this. However it is not only that employment should be the reason for the kids to learn coding rather it is more than this.


Robotics and coding enhances creativity in kids- once you open the Avishkar kit you will see that coding is an activity that has immense creativity in it. It is a logic-based activity but presents ample opportunity to express the inner feelings of the child. The kid gets to design something that they can call exclusively as their and this fact empowers the child to get engaged in technology and the digital arena and create it. Rather than just watching videos or playing video games they learn something that uses their reasoning, logic, and creativity. Thus the quality of their life improves.

Another language- learning coding is like learning another language. Coding is the language of the digital era and Avishkar kit is the best way to teach your child this language. In the process one learns about the language’s vocabulary and grammar. The teacher while teaching coding to the children teaches programming to the kids and thus they learn to communicate their ideas and intentions in the digital language. Therefore their brain power increases and the kids can multitask. The kids learn to see and experience the world with bigger and multiple perceptive.

Academics- coding is related to maths and this when the coders use the practical applications of the subject and visualize the abstract concepts while making the process enjoyable. Thus even if the child hates maths will come to love the subject and improve in it. Coding also improves writing skills. As it has a definitive beginning, middle, and end thus they become better writers.

Style of thinking- coding encourages the kids to think differently. Logical thinking is mandatory if the kids want to effectively code a program they need to break it in parts i.e. decomposition. Thus it makes the kids to do computational thinking.  Thus the kids take out a clear definitive way of thinking. Algorithmic thinking involves specific problem solving thus they kids get to walk a new road of thinking and thus they grow.


Why should you buy Avishkaar kits for your kids?

  • Avishkaar kits are quintessential element for the mental growth of kids.
  • It adds the element of surprise in the outlook of kids by the way coding works
  • It is a platform to develop your ideas to products and even get them to be patented
  • It provides certification and recommendation for college application
  • It has various competitions going on which provides prizes worth INR 5 lakh.
  • It has programs for full scholarship and participate internationally.

Thus I can proudly say that my kids are associated with the Asia’s biggest coding and robotics international league. I can say that it has brought positive difference in my kids.


I booked the kit from Amazon and after receiving the pack must say that it has been a game changer.  The kit introduced my kids to robotics and basic coding and has improved their overall performance and perception. It is nominally priced at INR —. It is an intermediate robotics kit for kids of age 10 and more. It has fifty plus parts that can make more than 150 robots using the kit and learning basic coding. There are free videos available that have detailed instructions to make autonomous robots using the kits.


I highly recommend the kit for your kids as it is a new world and wings that you will gift them. It will make the growing up process much fun filled and new experience.




11 thoughts on “Avishkaar Robotics Advance Kits- E-Series Review

  1. The Aaaavishkar kits seem to be really nice tools for the kids to learn the concepts of Robotics, in a hands-on manner. It also helps them develop a more practical approach to learning.

  2. This is such a unique kit for kids. I had not heard about this brand before. Thanks for sharing such a detailed review. I shall definitely get these for my kids.

  3. The Digital revolution has penetrated the education system in a revolutionising way. I loved how brands like Avishkar are bringing in new means of learning and education for kids. Coding is indeed the thing now and great way to begin learning it at an early age.

  4. This kit looks really amazing for kids to learn the concepts of robotics. I would love to gift this to my nephew.

  5. Coding is such a vast concept. These days kids have superb grasping power with great knowledge. The Avishkaar Kit looks like a perfect purchase to make coding interesting, this can be gifted to kids in the family as well.

  6. Thanks really for introducing this brand of robotic toys to me. I am surely checking this kit for my son as he is really very interested in robotics.

  7. The domain of edtech supports that the each child child learn about coding the better are the chances of their success in the future ! Good informative blog on this topic loved it

  8. Wow, this looks super cool. I have less idea on these coding and robotics kits, but Kits like this are definitely an awesome way to teach coding to kids.


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