It is the responsibility and desire of parents that our kids are ready for the future. Thus to reach the long term goal we try to break it into small simple short term goals. Here the most important role is to help the kids with ways and methodologies where they can learn to get better at skills that can sustain them in future. Now to assess how prepared they are we cannot use the education system of marking as it is very vague and tries to build a person jack of all but master of none which somewhere has its own pros and cons. This for me when I think about how I can get my kids ready for their future.

How to decide the best school?

I often think about what makes us decide which school is the best for our kids or this is the school which is best for kids as it will pave the foundation for a strong future and bright future. Is marks and grades alone important for the kids to survive in future alas no. or the school being highly disciplined and peaceful is important? The school which has facilities for active participation in extracurricular activities and sports is good or what is important for calling a school as good. The school that works to make the kids good with words is a good one. Or the faculty of teaching and non-teaching staff which surround the kids should be the best. Well the list is endless but then I came across Oakridge international school and truly it got all the tick marks which could establish it as a genuine school.

Oakridge international school

For me it is important that school understands the potential of the kids, conducts a strength and weakness analysis for kids and thus decides the way or the stream that suits the child and grants the education in the simmilar way. Each child is different with different abilities and interests thus having the same platform and batch for them is like killing their passion and interests in all the things that attracts them.

No matter what but making the child ready for the future is my biggest concern and for this I stand with my head over the heart. My child has to have the potential where they are ready to face the challenges of life in a positive way and bring the change that they desire to see.

Coding is the need of the hour:

With the coming pof pandemic we came to know that ;life is not easy and there is so much of uncertainty around us but then given to the uncertainty having the child’s future ready is again a difficulty. Various jobs and services and goods which were important before are obsolete now and are of no importance. Thus which career or skill can help the child to be fit for the future. With the right foundation stones from the right age or from a very early age is vital for the sustainability of the child in future.


The inspiration and testament for the child to be fit for the future lies in their being sharp with their grasping powers.

Here there are few aspects where child need to be put in a environment where the following are met:

A) learning is used to do something fruitful: I prefer the school which has a curriculum which resonates with the current times and does not carry on with age-old traditions. Times change and with the changing times we need to adapt ourselves. Thus in the current time it is crucial that a child learns to code and uses it to build apps so that in a way when we get more digital the child can connect beautifully and make the large world one big home.

B) Holistic development- I would here prefer that my kids become curious learners and communicate in ways where they can express themselves and inculcate compassion in them so despite being in the digital era of clicks they are not immune to emotions and combine the technology to improve the quality of life and environment so that we live in harmony and happiness.

c) opportunities to become future ready-  The child is being trained to be future ready but then are there ample opportunities which can help the child to actually face the future. The child should develop in ways where they can stand out of the crowd yet be grounded. The child should get opportunities to explore and evolve themselves with activities that broadens their persona. At Oakridge International School there are collaborations which helps the child to see the world with the lens of others and also their to get a view but not pass judgement. Thus a three dimensional growth is given out to the children where they are flexible and agile



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