The little bundle of joy that arrived in your house has brought immense joy but then has got along so much of laundry also. At times I wonder as to how can such a small baby increase the laundry work so much. However, it is our extra care and concern for the child that makes us go gala over the baby and make sure that everything is neat and clean. Every hanky or dress worn by the baby or even the sheets and towel of the baby should be thoroughly cleaned.

Laundry becomes the way of life not a chore with a baby around. Thus using a detergent powder that is full of harsh chemicals will not serve the purpose rather one will need something harsh on germs but soft on the baby’s sensitive skin. Multiple brands claim to be the best detergent powder for baby clothes. But as a mother I cannot trust any brand rather based on my experience and hit and trial basis I stumbled upon some of the brands of detergent powder for laundry that I trust the most and cannot survive without it. However, a tiny secret here is that the powders discussed below are so wonderful that even my partywear are pampered with them.

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Some of the best laundry detergent powder for babies for their unique needs is as follows:

1) Mother Sparsh Plant Powered detergent for babies

Mothersparsh laundry detergent, mothersparsh plant powered laundry detergent



I can go on and on about the goodness and wholesome factor that the products from Mother Sparsh have in them.

a) Lab tested: All the baby care range products from the brand are kids friendly and passes the rigorous tests of assurance from all the mothers. The product is tested in labs and is developed by doctors. It has no allergens

b) Pocket friendly: The products are reasonably priced and easily available.

c) Plant-based and vegan: It is the best plant-based and vegan product; still is affordable.

d) Environmental friendly: Thus not for the day but the future it is a boon for the environment. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable hypoallergenic product and has zero chemical brighteners. Therefore the washed water that goes in the drain does not harm the environment and therefore for a better future and pollution-free environment, it is highly recommended for use.

e) Tough on stains : It has the best power to squash stains and it works great on milk spills, spit-up stains, and even on the pop. It is one of the best organic products that does not pinch your pocket also. It is gentle and maintains the quality of the clothes.

f) Anti-bacterial: The Mother Sparsh detergent powder is antibacterial and does not enter the clothes to clean them. Therefore it causes no harm to the baby’s skin.

g) Less is more : For one bucket of clothes one cap of the powder is sufficient and thus it is easy on the pocket also.

h) Power of essential oils: It has essential oils and thus gives a sweet smell to the clothes.

There let the kids have fun as your saviour in the form of laundry detergent is there for you.

2) Himalaya Gentle baby laundry wash-

Himalaya also presents the best range of products for the kids. The detergent is enriched with soap nut extract making it the best option by combining the best of ancient Ayurveda and modern science technology. Soapnut extract is tough on stains and is a natural product thus a good choice for environmental conscious moms. It carefully removes the stains and odour without affecting the quality of the clothes. It contains antibacterial products of lemon, geranium, and neem that effectively sanitizes the baby’s clothes. Thus the detergent is the best choice for the kids without leaving any residue.

3) MEE MEE baby laundry detergent-

The best baby detergent that is in the market and is biodegradable therefore again an environmentally friendly option. It has no artificial colours and harsh chemicals. The detergent has the whitening effect that keeps the baby’s clothes clean and bright as new. It keeps the clothes soft and kills the dirt and bacteria harshly. Though it is slightly high on the cost aspect it does the cleaning work effortlessly.

4) Pigeon liquid laundry detergent-

it is another category of laundry detergent that is mild on clothes but then it does not harm the clothes or environment, as it is a pure product. It removes the tough stains without any bleach and thus the colours of the clothes remain intact. The antibacterial formula kills 99.9% of bacteria on the clothes but without compromising on the quality of the clothes or affecting the softness of the clothes. An only a small quantity of detergent is required and therefore it is an economically feasible option.

5) Rustic art little laundry powder- It is one the most beautifully packed powder to clean the baby’s clothes. The product is handmade and vegan thus a safe option for the environment. It has lavender essential oil, therefore, gives a good smell to the clothes. The detergent has the whitening effect that keeps the baby’s clothes clean and bright as new. It keeps the clothes soft and kills the dirt and bacteria harshly.

6) Dove baby detergent- adding to the list is another product that has proved its worth as the best skincare and hair care products. The brand has launched several baby care products that have taken the market with a storm. The detergent is mild and organic. It is free from chemicals and thus becomes one of the favourites.


The fact while choosing the detergent for the soft clothes of baby one should carefully analyze regarding the cost, chemicals in it, organic and importantly the option should be kids friendly. After researching the ingredients that go in the detergent I concluded that the above list has the best available options. I trust them and use them not only for my baby’s clothes but also for the rest of the delicate clothes.



6 thoughts on “6 Best laundry detergents to give your babies soft and germ free clothes

  1. These are really a good list of detergents for kids clothes. I will recomm this list to my friend too.

  2. It’s so good to know that there is a baby-friendly range. I am sure it’s quite a relief for new moms who alredy face so many problems. It’s good to have them listed in one place for an easy choice.

  3. These are really very safe detergents for babies’ clothes. When it comes to babies, one needs to be careful as their skin is sensitive. These are natural products and safe for babies.

  4. I am also using the Mother Sparsh Laundry detergent and it is so soft and gentle on clothes. The natural ingredients make it such a perfect one for newborn’s clothes.


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