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The little munchkin loves us unconditionally and even we shower all our love on them. We make sure that we buy the best, most sensitive, and kids friendly products for our little ones. The baby products that are meant for use on the baby’s and toddlers soft delicate skin needs to be gentle and chemical-free to prevent any skin irritation or rashes. It is common practice that rather than washing the face, hands, or bums of the little ones we wipe it clean with the help of wipes. It is not an exaggeration to claim that baby wipes are an essential product in the baby bag.

There are several babies wipes brands in India. Thus selecting the best brand is a tough job. It requires immense research, as the wipes will clean the poops and pees of the little ones. The wipe has to be 100% safe for the delicate skin of the little one. Moreover, in the current situation of the epidemic, the importance of using good quality wipes for the little one cannot be neglected.  It has been more than a year and several times it requires that we take the baby to the doctor’s or another unavoidable place, thus in such cases the wipes come very handy. They help in cleaning the baby and the surface, which comes in baby’s contact. Choose the baby wipes brands in India that suit your requirements and is budget-friendly. The different baby wipes differ in thickness, moisture, and softness. Thus as per the skin type of baby and its use select the best wipe.

Over the years after using several baby wipes and doing immense research on the wipes I have made a list of criterion to select the best wipe. The baby wipe that touches my baby’s skin and at times mine for removing make-up should be paraben-free, pH balanced, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, thickness, soap-free, dermatologically approved, eco-friendly, package and budget-friendly.


Thus here are the top 5 baby wipes brands in India as per the above criterion:

  • Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes- Mother Sparsh is India’s first water wipes and the most popular one.
  1. a) The wipes are unscented wipes that have amazing texture and super gentle on the baby’s soft skin. It cleans the baby’s skin without any irritation, redness, or rashes. It is the mildest and the gentlest wipe, thus with these wipes in my hand, my parenting journey became quite smooth and hassle-free.
  2. b) It is cotton soft yet three times thicker than the regular wipes in the market this removing all the traces of dirt and germ from the skin of the baby.
  3. c) It is a biodegradable water wipe made from plant fabric thus a choice that is sustainable and eco-friendly.
  4. d) As a mother it is not only my baby’s health that was my concern but also the earth’s health was my outlook.
  5. e) It has the goodness of aloe vera extract and Vitamin E that moisturizes the soft skin of the baby.
  6. f) It contains 99% of water and is dermatologically tested. It is a certified wipe and results in no rashes. Mother Sparsh baby wipes have effective moisture lock sealed packaging that prevents the baby wipes from drying.

g) It is made from medical-grade cloth, extra gentle wipes, it’s fully biodegradable and has 99% water. It is priced at INR 299 for 72 wipes, thus a budget-friendly option. It is available on Nykaa, Amazon and other e-portals for the convenience of users.



  • Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes- Himalaya Babycare products are a trusted name in the baby care range. The wipes are effective in cleaning the baby without causing any irritation. The wipes are free from alcohol, sulphate, parabens, and silicones. It has a natural moisturizer and maintains the smoothness and softness of the baby’s skin. It is priced at INR 175 for 72 wipes, thus a budget-friendly option.


  • Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Wipes- Dove after claiming its worth in the beauty and body care products has now started manufacturing baby care products. The products have taken the market by storm. The wipes from Dove are extra mild and have no alcohol thus completely safe for baby’s soft skin. It is priced at INR 135 for 50 wipes, thus a budget-friendly option.


  • MeeMee- one of the most popular brand for baby and maternity products. The best aspect of the wipes is that they are made of biodegradable material and free from any polyester. They are enriched with Vitamin E, Shea butter, lavender oil, aloe Vera, and almond oil, thus nourishing the skin of the baby and cleaning it. It is priced at INR 249 for 72 wipes.


  • Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes- Pampers is a top-selling diaper brand and thus a wipe from the brand also has an immense popularity. The quality and texture of wipes are perfect to clean the smooth skin. It has the moisture lock technique thus safe for the baby. It is priced at INR 185 for 64 wipes.


The above were the top five brands of wipes in India that I have used and trusted. However, I have a biased liking for Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes as they made cleaning the baby a breeze task. The wipes are soft as a feather but then clean thoroughly thus





10 thoughts on “Top five best,safe and sensitive baby wipes in 2021

  1. These wipes make it so easy for new moms in these times, especially when the pandemic has made us become more careful about hygiene. And househelps are also scanty.

  2. Yes , over a single day we consume so many wipes sheet that their proper disposition become an imp. factor . I see Mother sparsh wipes are biodegradable made from plant fiber , it’s surely an sustainable and eco-friendly choice we should make.

  3. One needs to be extra careful when selecting Baby Wipes, as the Babies’ skin is so sensitive. This is al list of some really safe and good quality products.

  4. The product is exactly what it claims. Value for money. It is very good for wiping the body of new born babies. It is non allergic and suitable for new born babies.


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