Hello everyone, today on World Social Media Day I would like to celebrate it by having a candid conversation with a lady who is an Influencer Marketing PR professional and expert in managing social media influencers and celebs campaigns since years. She has influenced so many people out there so let’s dive in to know her a little better.

Social media has taken a big part in our lives and it helps us to get connected with our friends, relatives and colleagues. Also, it has left no stone unturned to take businesses to next level.

Birth of social media day

World Social Media Day was launched by Mashable on June 30, 2010. It was started to recognize social media’s impact on global communication and unite the world to celebrate it. An interesting fact that we need to know is that the first social media platform ever to be launched was Six Degrees in 1997, it was founded by Andrew Weinreich.


Well, there is so much to talk about on social media and I will do it in my next post but today in this article we are going to know Tanya Ruia in a much better way. She is a PR by profession and is working with social media influencers for years.



1. Hi Tanya, thanks for taking out your precious time to share your views on social media with us. First of all, tell us something about yourself?

I am a small town happy go Lucky girl with big dreams and aspirations. One thing that is most important about me is my unconditional love for spaghetti. Another aspect of my personality is my constant search for good Instagram frames for my feed.

2. How you entered social media and decided to work as an influencer marketer? 

I was a media student who loves social media. My family and friends encouraged me to do something with social media in my career. The influencer industry was and is booming; it has a lot to learn and grow. Hence, when I left my first job as a marketing coordinator and content writer, my 2nd job was as an Influencer marketing agency and then I just knew that this was my calling. It is a super interesting field and I wanted to learn and grow in the same field. It is a field where my passion lies and therefore it never seemed like work or hectic. So I am blessed to have no Monday blues.


3. As we all know you are working in well-known organization so we want to know how you manage with so many influencers and celebs?

Time teaches everything if you have the zeal to learn. Also as you already mentioned that I work with a very well known organization, my team makes it swift for me to manage it with everyone. Rest it’s all the love and energy that you guys give to me.


4. How you take out time for yourself/ time management. What are your hobbies, what do you love to do when you are free?  

Prioritising yourself is the most important thing and that comes automatically. I don’t have to make effort to take out time for myself. It just happens as an imbibed factor of my day. I completely believe in self-love and self-care and here lies the reason for my success as a fashion and makeup enthusiast. I love travelling and exploring new places. Thus while travelling I explore myself as well and therefore I call is my doze of wholesome happiness. In my free time, I watch a lot of YouTube channels, web series, etc. I love dressing up and meeting my friends, etc. I love food and have a food page as well where I love creating content (though I am not that regular and pro like you guys 😬🙈)


4. Which is your most favourite social media platform/ in your opinion, which platform brands prefer for promotions?

My personal favourite is Instagram and YouTube because I love watching a lot of content especially food and another wide array of content that it has on the platform.

With regards to brands, each brand has a different target audience and each campaign is different, so it’s very difficult to just name one. It always depends upon the target audience and the right space, so naming just one is very difficult.



5. Being a PR is a really tough job, how you manage to keep yourself calm and energized? 

It’s not that I am always calm and energized. I do have my lows and some days it’s very difficult but in the end, it’s just my goals and dreams that push me to keep going. Rest, I am very blessed to have a great team (my workplace) and my family who always supports me, scolds me and corrects me when I am wrong; they always push me to work harder each day for my dreams.


6. Your mantra of success.

Never stop dreaming. Always be a giver and have compassion for all. There’s this one thing that I strongly believe in – Have more than you show, speak less than you know. And no matter where I go, what I become, I will always call myself a hustler.


7. Tips for the people who want to pursue social media as a career. 

Social Media is vast, and there’s a lot to learn and grasp from it. Always see what’s good for you and where you can learn and see yourself as something that you have dreamt of. Rest, be it any field, never stop dreaming and learning because you don’t know what dreams are made of and when they might come true; and learning helps to achieve the dreams. Just be your best self and keep learning.


Disclaimer – All these are my personal opinions and are in no relation to any organization and brands.

– Tanya Ruia


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9 thoughts on “In candid conversation with Tanya Ruia

  1. That was a very nice interview with her. Got to know many things about her. Loved reading it.

  2. Tanya is a gem person. She is indeed expert in managing celebs and influencers. This is an amazing conversion with her. She is inspiration for many. Its great to get tips from her.

  3. Insightful!!! Social media and social media marketing is getting bigger and bigger. We need more such professionals.

  4. It was really interesting to read the interview with Tanya. Being on the other side of Social Media, it is interesting to see it from the perspective of a PR professional. Really informative post.

  5. I know about social media day but had not researched on the origins. It was good to read the origins. And your initiative to profile an influencer is good too. So mucb goes into making your mark in the fast-paced digital world.


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