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Skin care and following a proper routine assures that my skin is healthy. I understand the importance of self-love thus I eat a balanced diet and keep myself hydrated for nourished skin but due to pollution and stress I can see the adverse results on my skin. Taking care of my skin was in my resolution list for 2023 and I decided to start my day and also end with a skin care regime. I have started using the Lotus botanicals products which have been trusted by time. The products are game changers as I was eating healthy and working out but with these products my skin feels young and rejuvenated.

The products that are my new friends:

Bio-Retinol Youth Radiance Anti-ageing Face Wash:

After our 30s our best friend is retinol. Retinol is what we need to fight the signs of ageing like saggy skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet and more. The Bio-retinol face wash is rich in Vitamin A. It boosts collagen and helps my skin to glow. Every morning as I wash my face with this Bio-retinol enriched face wash I can feel that my face is breathing and it radiates good health. Any fine lines that start to appear near the eyes fade away with the use of retinol based anti-ageing face wash from Lotus.

Vitamin C Skin Brightening Face Serum:

Brightening face serum is my go to guide. Every time before stepping out of home or after washing my face from Bio-Retinol face wash I religiously apply the serum. The result is that I get compliments and it further gets my cheeks to go red. The bottle of serum is my pixie dust that guarantees youthful radiance. It fades pigmentation so my skin looks healthy. It hydrates my skin thus making it look firmer. 

Vitamin C Skin Brightening Day Creme:

Much has been documented regarding the benefits of Vitamin C. The cream from Lotus is a lightweight gel cream formulation. It absorbs well in the skin and maintains the natural moisture of the skin. The cream works wonders for me as it assists me in fighting the signs of fatigue=e and pollution. I pick and drop my kids to school plus run errands. A day cream like this which is enriched with SPF25 is a magic weapon to fight the UV rays of sun plus the pollutants.  

Ubtan De-Tan Radiance Face Wash:

Going the holistic way and using ubtan to remove uneven skin tone and tan is time consuming. However with Lotus Ubtan De-Tan Radiance Face Wash in only 30 seconds I get the same results. I use this face wash before going to bed so that it cleans all the dirt and leaves my skin soft band supple. It is easy to use. Just a dollop of face wash before I decide to go out for a party. I massage it on my face and neck. Then wash it with water and I do not need a moisturiser and my skin feels so light and bright. The tan fades away giving healthy looking happy skin. 

It’s the beauty of lotus products that have helped me to look beautiful. My skin is glowing and it requires zero effort. The quality products work like magic and in a jiffy I look younger. 




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