Gaming is something that has always helped me to add colours to my otherwise mundane life. I play games to keep my mind sane and relax. Thus I am often at look out for new games on interfaces that are user-friendly. Thus if I come across any gaming sit that has interesting games to offer then I am totally stuck there.

On my quest of searching the games I go my hands on the trust me ever since I stumbled on the forum there is no looking back. It is definitely a one time stop for all the gaming enthusiasts. The site has something for everyone, and therefore they can entertain any mood and cravings for game that you have.

What makes me love any gaming site?

When I am on any gaming site what I really appreciate about the gaming zone is the following:

  • There should be games for every genre.
  • The games should be unblocked
  • The games need to be free but rewarding
  • Importantly the site should have the function to play directly in web browser.
  • There should be no app downloads thus the mobile and its memory card both are free.

Therefore despite being a gaming lover I just do not sit on any site and start the game. I carefully select the best plan and start with my gaming spree.

Since time immemorial have been playing pac man. There was time when it was in a hand held video game, which was my prized possession. Time passed and I got a personal computer which had the game installed. It was a whole new experience. the game and my passion to play it remained the same. It was only now that I saw the Pac Rat game on the platform inspired by Pack man on Plays.Org

unbelievably it was an epic moment and the experience to see the game on the platform cannot be expressed in words.


The pac rat eats cheese and I love the way it moves, it gives me immense relaxing vibes. I can play the game not only for the game but it is like reliving the golden days of my life. The leaderboard score and tournaments gives me fresh level of happiness while on the game. Meeting and competing with the other players of the game gives me happiness of next levels. The only aspect that one needs to keep in mind while logging on the site to play the evergreen game is that it is cent percent addictive to play it with a timer set.

One thing that I hate the most about other gaming sites it that they have so many ads and pay per click and other sort of crap addictions that I get annoyed. It just breaks the flow and puts a jinx on the winning stride. I know many other gamers will agree to this. In simple words the pac man is about to bite the yummy food and what you get is click on the ad to get over with it. Thus with no ads on the site and my life is sorted. They do not serve ads nor retarget users across the web. Therefore the reason to leave the chair and get up is further diminished.

I have used and access so many other gaming sites but then never have I come across the Tom and Jerry game. Yes, it’s the cherry on the cake episode pin ball games. the mousetrap pinball is nothing but unadulterated fun. The beautiful game again takes to the hunt of Tom and Jerry and bring an ear to ear smile on my face.

It is the a game that will keep you hooked off all your worries as Jerry needs all your attention. The design and layout of the game is stunning. Both adults and kids can enjoy the wholesome happiness with this game. The use of cleaver and hammer in the game gives you extra control of the game and this is the best aspect of the game. The game is difficult but then also easy to play so it keeps you hooked. Propel the game on table, use flippers to prevent the ball falling out of play, and thereafter trap a ball and release to unleash the multi ball game.

I cant tell you how this site has helped me to deal with my lockdown hues and importantly it has kept me sane and made receptive by helping me live my childhood days.

All the games on the site are original and therefore you be amazed with the most innovative ideas as you will explore the site. The site will give you unpatrolled fun.




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