You can’t describe in words the joy of watching your child take the first steps of life. But along with the happiness, there comes the stress as well! You will have to remove all kinds of heavy & previous items from your house to keep your kids safe. the task of searching for a suitable pair of kids shoes for your child. We know you want the best for the child and those tempting little booties do steal your heart at first glance. But hey, you should know this! When it comes to picking shoes for toddlers, you just can’t limit your choices to appearance. There are more essential things to consider than looks.

Read about them below:

The shape of the feet – Shoes come in all forms but when it is for toddlers, you
need to keep in mind the shape of the feet before picking them. Some kids’ feet
are flat from the back while others have a curve, it is essential that you pick the
shoes considering few factor because if the shape doesn’t fit in properly, then the
child’s feet would be in pain So, check the child’s feet shape is properly fitted in
the shoes and if not, then you can even customize it.

The breathable material – You need to pick a breathable material when it
comes to kid’s shoes, especially for toddlers. If the material is too thick and harsh, your toddler will face severe rash on the first few days of walking wearing them.


The proper fit – Always buy shoes considering the proper measurement of your baby’s feet. If possible, make your cuttie wear socks before slipping in the foot in thethe shoes so that there won’t be any size issues later. Remember, you need not
buy loosely fitted shoes for future convenience.  (As the common myths go on!)
This impacts your child’s baby steps and the little munchkin might fall and trip while walking. So, go for the perfect fit without any loose or tight preferences.


Easy fastenings – Your child in the toddler stage also learns to manage his/her
work independently. So, if you are buying shoes with easy fastenings, your
baby’s can learn to clip and wear them easily. And even you can manage it
without any problems when you are taking your kids somewhere in a hurry.


Block heels – Solid heel is chunky heel on a shoe:a casual pump with low
block heels. a shoe with this type of heel Your munchkin is still new to taking
those big and faster steps. If you are picking the clumsy heels or complex ones,
then your child will definitely find problems managing those steps. It is better to
avoid any kind of heels, be it a boy’s or girl’s shoes. But even if you are targeting
the heels, then ensure these are very firm and strong.

Picking the best kid’s shoes is a very delicate matter. You simply can’t pick it just like
you grab a party dress or casual one for your child. With all these considerations in



6 thoughts on “Pick the best shoes for your toddlers today with these few tips!

  1. These are great tips to choose best shoes for kids. personally, I feel comfort is the main factor for selecting a good quality shoes for kids. if we forget this factor, it many cause other health issues or injury to kids.

  2. When it comes to your little ones foot wear, it’s very hard to find the one they’ll be comfortable with as they don’t know how to express pain nor complain. One thing’s for sure, we shouldn’t just rely on how the footwear looks but find as much as we can the best material a footwear can be.

  3. As adults, we can usually tell if a shoe is comfortable or not, but children frequently struggle to express this. Important factors to consider include. These are some important factors you have mentioned here. Informative post for a new post.


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