I love to decorate my home. I achieve it with new elements or swapping things from one place to another. Plus with the festive season and monsoon I would love to revamp my house. While on my search for some interesting products that are fit for my house and budget I came across Nestasia.

Though I love to create a look for my house yet have an inclination towards minimalism. Thus to follow both my passions I need to buy stuff that are stylish and durable. A world full of clutter needs a space that speaks but does not add to the clutter. And guess what Nestasia fits the bill.

Firstly food becomes attractive when served in attractive crockery:

Aloha ceramic bowls, Nestasia, Delhiblogger

Often we say Maa ke haath ka khana is best but then the craving for hotel food is never less. So when a healthy meal made full of love is rightly served in a beautiful looking grocery the taste amplifies. My girls are now more inclined towards home cooked meals as they can click pics and show their friends. The beautiful plates and the bowls add appeal to my simple meals. I ordered this Aloha ceramic bowls that looks so elegant and add beauty to food served. their quirky designs just made the dining table looks so vibrant and are the perfect to serve snacks, soups and deserts. 

Organised pantry:

I have my hands full. Thus there is no space for any chaos in my life or my kitchen. Nestasia understands this woe and has brought amazing kitchen tools, gadgets and aids that make my kitchen more organised and settled. The things are kept in the proper way that help me to lead Zen life. My efficiency plus the zeal to work in the kitchen has increased. They have a wide variety of kitchen accessories and decoratives that will make your kitchen space looks more lively.

Rakhi season;

The bond of love needs to be celebrated and what better than Nestasia hampers. Beautifully created hampers that are full of love. The hampers are nothing but the most unique way of expressing your love for your brother. They ship all across the world thus it is the best way to make your presence be felt if you are miles away or even if you desire to surprise your loved ones. The festivals shou;ld be celebrated in a healthy way and the gifts should add dimension to your life. The nestasia hampers are material personifications of the same.

A little inspiration goes a long way:

My elder one is in her double digit age. Trust me it is not easy to handle her mood swings or calm her after a session that she has with her friends or is simply feeling low as she has so much to process. The beautiful quotes written artistically often help her to boost her mood. She has some frames in her room and by simply gazing at those she feels much better. Her subconscious mind registers those quotes and during the rough storms help her to sail. Also she loves vintage themes so I ordered a vintage theme mirror in her favourite pink colour.

Nestasia ,online home decor,Delhiblogger

Well my house is now more cosy and user friendly with the Nestasia products. The house speaks volume about the person who stays there. I see to it that there are only positive vibes in my home and with the right decor I achieve it.




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