Ample storm was created by the government as it announced it ” Make in India” program for its dynamism. NITCO Technology started on an Android OS-based Smart LED TV manufacturer in India under its established electronics brand YUWA.

India with its billion-plus population and growing living standards, India has a huge market for televisions. With rapid development in technology advancement, it is a matter of fact to understand that operating smart devices in isolation is not possible. In fact, the Internet is nothing but it’s a vast network of interconnected computers around the world. This may seem that there is ample chaos but it is easy to access information using a huge network present as per requirement.

Even if there is a larger audience accessing the content or if the content lacks clarity then it requires that it is viewed in some other medium. Thus what better than connecting the laptop to television? Thus, most of the smart LED TV manufacturers to link different devices and help in interlinking the Smart LED TV with PC through various modes.


In the same concept, YUWA TV was launched. YUWA was a breakthrough in the field and it showcased the technological advancement that the brand made. Vitally it needs that laptop connects with TV very swiftly thus on the big screen the vast library of content is viewed. Thus in just a few clicks connect the laptop to your TV and thereby stream the favorite show or movie, or series. Web browsing is also done and the results plus experience is outstanding.

HDMI Connection-

the PC is connected with TV using an HDMI cable is done as the cables are cheaper on both online and local markets. It also grants high-quality HD pictures and sound. Moreover with one cable both audio and video is transferred.

In this one end of the HDMI cable (male to male) is connected to PC or laptop and the other end to the TV. If there are multiple ports then remember the port number where you intend to plug it.

As per the TV remote use the buttons by selecting the apt HDMI port, certain TVs detect the connection and thereby respond accordingly.

Select the display settings at the right click on the desktop. There is a “detect” option if there are two squares labeled 1 and 2 then the PC has identified the connection.

Select any one of the four options from the drop-down box. Select the option that is right for you and is suitable for your requirement. After selecting the options and accomplishing the above tasks there will be a similar screen both on laptop and TV.

Extend the displays and TV will become an extended part of the desktop. Then as you choose an option to “show only” then the other options are closed.

After this click on apply and the TV is connected to the laptop and is ready to use. There is an advanced display setting that helps with the further customized display.







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