The present situation of pandemic has made it mandatory that we maintain high level of cleanliness. It has become vital to wash our clothes thoroughly and with utmost care to ensure that the clothes are clean – germs and virus free, while not losing its texture and shape.

Thus, using a detergent powder that is full of harsh chemicals will not serve the purpose, instead we need to opt for a liquid detergent that’s tough on germs, but soft on the clothes’ fabric and texture, and, our skin. While looking for such a detergent, I stumbled upon PUER – it’s a liquid laundry detergent, and to my delight is completely natural. PUER also has a completely natural fabric conditioner that ensures that the clothes become even softer. A tiny fact here is that PUER liquid detergent and fabric conditioner are so wonderful that even my party-wears get pampered.

PUER liquid detergent

Some of the reasons that I found makes PUER laundry detergent best for clothes:

Tough On Stains: Loaded with plant-based enzymes, PUER liquid detergent can remove more than 30 type of stains. It removes even the toughest stain completely without ruining the texture and fabric of the clothes. The two nastiest stains I had on my clothes were, milk spill, and, a spit stain. To my surprise, both the stains got easily removed from the clothes washed in PUER liquid detergent, and the clothes look not just clean, but felt softer than ever.

Plant-Based and Non-Toxic Liquid Detergent: PUER is one of the best plant-based detergents I have ever used. The brand is strictly against using any harmful chemicals as ingredients to guarantee clean, and therefore, this liquid detergent doesn’t have artificial brighteners, SLES, and Methylisothiazolinone.

Safe For You, Your Clothes and Environment: Given the fact that there is no harmful chemicals in PUER Liquid Detergent, it not only clean your clothes effectively with the power of natural ingredients, it make the clothes safer for your skin too. The goodness of natural ingredients doesn’t harm the texture and fabric of clothes, thus increasing the clothes’ longevity. Given the bio-degradable properties of natural ingredients, the –drained-water post the wash cycle also doesn’t harm the environment and therefore ensure a better, non-polluted environment. If you are intending to start your green journey, then this natural liquid detergent is the right choice for you.

Mesmerizing Fragrance: Beautiful fragrance of natural blossoms are encapsulated in PUER Laundry Detergent. Clothes washed in this detergent smells so natural and fresh, like that of a lavender bloom, that it’s a delight to wear those washed clothes.

Another product from the house of PUER that I loved using for my laundry chores is the Fabric Conditioner. PUER Fabric Conditioner give fabrics the much-needed extra care to maintain softness. PUER fabric conditioner is my family-favourite for all good reasons.

PUER fabric conditioner

I use this fabric conditioner post wash to make my clothes softer. It increases the volume of clothes thus making them even fluffier. It also adds a good shine to the clothes, thus making them look as good as new. The best aspect about this product is the fragrance that it imparts to the clothes. Clothes washed in PUER fabric conditioner smells of fresh jasmine and the long-stay perfume technology used in this product ensures that the clothes are refreshingly fragrant even long after it has been washed.

On doing a thorough research about the ingredients used, I have concluded that this is one of the best natural liquid detergent available today. One more reason why I am slightly more swayed towards this detergent is the fact that the natural ingredients also make it safe to wash my baby’s clothes too!



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