For many the cool winter freeze is about yummy warm food, eating a tone of sweets to stay warm. For me winter is about staying warm from the bone chilling winters and helping my girls also stay warm. It gets difficult to even move about as the cold air stops movement however it is only with the warm clothes one can stay warm. 

My girls love to dress up and as a mom it is my passion to doll up my dolls. I love to help them wear the beautiful dresses and yet stay protected from the cold winter breeze. I dress them up in layers so that cold winter months of Delhi do no harm to them. It sounds easy as the girls could wear denims and a jacket and stay protected, but I prefer to help them wear beautiful dresses so that they look good and comfortable without affecting their health. Kids usually hate the carry the weight of winter clothes but then there is no way out. They hate to wear the dresses as it irritates them and they feel that their look is compromised, but then there is no option. The midway is that to let them dress light so that they are not suffocated but free to make movements.

Some of ways in which I style my dolls are as follows;

Half jackets- The beginning and end of season calls for sleeveless jackets. The sleeveless jacket with sweatshirt and skirts or jeans looks super smart and helps my daughters to stay warm. I prefer to add boots with sleeveless jackets as it looks very smart and classic.

Layer it up- The beauty of winter clothes lies in layering. I layer them with grace and add mufflers or neck warmers in different styles with their pullovers, t-shirts or even jackets. For lowers a good jeans or any type of pant that adds to style and warmth factor.

Stockings- Winters and stockings are inseparable. The summer shorts or skirts or frocks need not stay in during winters. I make them wear skirts and frocks with leggings and a pull over under the frock or as a tee over the skirt to help them stay warm. It looks so good when for Christmas they wear a white pullover and white stockings with red frock. They look uber cute and appear as my Santa.

Graphic sweatshirts and beanies- Graphic tees with their favorite cartoons or Disney characters or with cool quotes teamed up with beanies is my most preferred option for the winters when they head out to play or for activity classes.

Long coats- when the kids are in growing age it is wise to invest in a long coat. It goes a few years and looks stylish with jeans, skirts, and leggings.

 Hoodies- My girls and I are big time lovers of hoodies. They love wearing them and use it to protect their ears and head when ear muffs are not available. They wear it for mall visits or outing with friends and family.

Pop of colour- winters are dull and soft colored weather thus if the clothes have a pop of colour it adds to its beauty and stand out of the crowd. My daughters wear vanilla green or red or shocking pink color accessories or jackets or pullovers with their dress to stand out of the crowd.




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