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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Is a common saying and is very much supported by Albert Einstein through his quote “Play is the highest form of research.” Playing is important for the whole and complete development of kids. It makes them strong both physically and mentally. It inculcates the spirit of a sportsman in them who accepts the failures with open heart and strives back with full vigor to achieve greater heights in life. It makes the kids strong physically in which dwells a strong mind. Playing is not wasting time rather it is using the time more constructively.

Recently I visited Tingaland in Noida which is a soft play area for kids age 1- 10 years. The place was beautifully designed keeping kids in mind and have lots of constructive activities to keep them busy for long hours. The Tingaland have

  • Tinga art and craft zone
  • Tinga wall climbing
  • Tinga toddler zone
  • Tinga cafe



Thus owing to the importance of playing lets head to the new and buzzing play zone in town. Welcome to the new soft play zone in town that is Tingaland. located in the Starling Mall, Sector 104 of Noida it is fun place for the kids of age 1- 10 years.

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Built –up:

The soft play area is best play zone for kids from the age of 1 to 10 years of age. The play zone has been designed keeping in mind the requirement and suitability as per age. It is divided in two parts one kept exclusively for the toddlers that is kids from the age group of 1 to 4, and the other for the age of 4 to 10. Tinga is a super pup, the superstar of the place and these days the kids are big time fan of Paw Patrol and thus for my kids it was a bang on place.

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Section for parents:

the space had a dedicated parents lounge, which gave a complete view of the play area. Thus parents could sit and keep an eye on the kids. Thus I had my ‘me time’ and relaxed while the kids had super fun. However the parents’ lounge was more than just a sitting space.

Free WiFi:

The place also had free WiFi zone and thus if you have loads of work or desire to binge watch Netflix then all that you need to do is take your device there connect it and enjoy. Importantly they serve food there and thus it’s a complete Thumps up for the parents also.


Polite staff:

The staff is super pro and so polite that you can actually feel the positive vibes in the place. They handle the kids and events so well that there is no space for any chaos. Here in every 5 minutes the kids leaves an article and moves to another the staff immediately restores the article so that another child can use it and this is commendable.


The environment is safe and kids friendly. In the toddlers section the edges of all the articles are round so as the child does not harm itself while playing. The different sections for the age group of 4 to 10 is connected but complicated and thus the kids were using their brains a bit and this was great for sharpening their skills. There was coloring, drawing and craft section where the kids can be the little Picasso’s. Then there is a climbing section, where the kids had immense fun but then it was under the guidance of an expert. There are no flaws in the design of the Tingaland and the kids are really very safe here.


Yummy food for the hungry tummy:

the cafeteria had an wide array of food delicacies to be chosen from. There were foods that could make any child drool. Importantly the cafeteria was FSSAI approved and was hygienic and clean. Thus we had a gala time enjoying the mouthwatering dishes there. There is so many options of sandwich, pasta, pizza, dimsums, chopsticks, toddlers sweet section, sliders and beverages to munch on.


The place is just perfect to host birthday parties for your little kids. The benefits are that its just not a party but its much more than that. All the kids who are guests can play in the play area. There is foot tapping music for the kids. Kids parade with band by the guest and the host. Return gifts can be chosen as there are many options and this is the cherry on cake fact. There is surprise gift for the birthday kid. There is buffet for visitors, special food for the kids and different food for the adults. Tings the Super hero entertains everyone and performs a very special and cute dance for all.

My kids enjoyed each n every activity there and again we are planning to visit in coming summer vacations.

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16 thoughts on “TINGALAND- A Planet Of Adventure In Noida

  1. I have heard great things about Tingaland. I hope to visit it soon, especially since my son’s summer vacations from school begin soon.

  2. Maine heading padi to laga ki Thailand in Noida…chakra gai main ek min k liye ??
    Sach me ye jagah to vacation me baccho k sath jaaney k liye bahut acchi hai ??
    Kabhi Delhi aana hua to jarur visit karungi ?

  3. So fun this place seems to be for kids! I am sure kids will be engaged for hours here. Great edutainment.

  4. So I have been hearing about this place a lot lately. Now I know what the buzz is about. During the upcoming summer vacation, I am going to take my son to Tingaland.

  5. Tingaland is a place where you can take kids and let them enjoy while enjoying yourself as well. The best part is that they are so convenient and got great quality food.

  6. This place looks nice for kids to visit, have fun, enjoy activities and also learn so many good things . My nephew would love being here.

  7. Such a cool place for the kids. So bright and it’s full on fun for the kids. Best place to leave the kids. Parents can be stress free with such environments

  8. Tingaland is such a paradise for kids. I wish I had a place like this growing up! Loved every detail and thought put into this place, perfect for the little ones.


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