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With the onset of summer season the most awaited time of the year creeps in, the summer vacations. Each year we have a list of places that we desire to explore during the vacation time. This year we wanted to start with Surajgarh farms Gurugram.

delhiblogger,surajgarh farms

Surajgarh farms is a just not a place to visit but a delightful experience for the city dwellers in the lives of rural India. It is an “urban village” that has made the visitors to fall in love with itself and has created much of buzz amongst the others. It is a one of its kind of adventure and entertainment resort, which witnesses the amalgamation of modern amenities with exotic village. Spread over 15 acres in the Golf Course Extension, Gurugram welcomes the visitors with great fondness and amazing hospitality. It is an heritage village that embraced my family and me with much love.

TICKET PRICE (All days monday to sunday)

Single- INR 1199

kids- INR 599

couple-INR 2299


Phone- 88 60 60 60 88

The day spent in the urban village will be forever etched in our hearts.  Right from the inauguration of “Village of City” my elder one and husband were adamant on visiting the destination. My daughter exclaimed mom it is a unique project, with mesmerizing village beauty, traditional Indian delicacies, lush green gardens, fresh breeze of air, adventure sports activities and much more. To which my husband added we have to be here to experience the warm hospitality of the place and revisit the village life.

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On reaching there I was spell bound on seeing the beautiful architecture of that place, it had the right amount of combination of the culture of Haryana and Rajasthan. Surajgarh farms welcomed us with the traditional dhol music which made us dance on its beats and thus we could spend quality time with our friends and family. It had special showcase of talent by the Rajasthani artisans and beautiful decorations done by rural artists. We tried our hands in making these traditional artifacts and handicrafts. Amidst all laughter and giggles we made stuff and were quite elated with our creations. The air is pure and there is no pollution in the air there and this made it so refreshing that the kids exclaimed that it smells so beautiful here and we could not agree more to this fact.


The place beautifully preserves the beauty of villages in this era of rapid urbanization and modernization. It is the fusion of Rajasthan and Haryana in the busy metro city to help you to relax and rejuvenate.

surajgarh gurgaon,surajgarh farms, places to visit around delhi,picnic spots in delhi

The food here is a treat to your taste buds. I had a blast trying the amazing lip- smacking delicacies here that was fondly called as “khan paan” by the servers here. The food was traditionally cooked on mud baked stoves. The best chefs from the Palaces of Rajasthan were called upon to cook the delicacies from heart of villages. The kids loved the different taste of food. Importantly with best of the ingredients good quality food was prepared in utmost hygienic conditions.

There was relaxation zone here that provided head massage amidst the colorful village beauty that could put shame to any modern spa resorts. The relaxation was just the required thing after days of rigorous work and stress.

To fulfill our adventure and entertainment quotient it had camel ride,horse ride and bullock ride, which was thoroughly enjoyed by my little girls. Cart ride and tractor ride was loved by all and was a delight for us. We enjoyed mud bath,swimmimg pool  and tube well bath and it helped us relive our childhood days and get our kids to insight in to our childhood days. My kids were mesmerized to see the puppet dance and they also tried to copy a few steps from the puppet and do the puppet dance. We tried our hands at zip lining, dart, air gun games and so much more that there was healthy competition amongst us.

delhiblogger,surajgarh farms,surajgarh gurgaon

The enchanting folk dance forced us to clap and feel the beat of the dance, it got mehendi done on my hands and was glad to see my beautiful hands. We tried to do some agricultural activities and thus I got the chance to explain my kids about the hard work of farmers and why should not we waste any food.


The cheerful and beautiful ambience of Surajgarh was much required and is the best weekend getaway for the city dwellers like us. It was a captivating and enchanting experience for us.



23 thoughts on “The Cherished Day Spent At Surajgarh Farms Gurgaon

  1. Wah, bahut badhiya experience raha ye to ??
    Aise sab jagah family n frnds k sath jao to pata bhi nahi lagega ki kab din guzar gaya, ye experience twice in year to lena hi chaiye, jis se hum ekdum fresh n relax ho jaye
    Pictures bahut acchi hain

  2. Wow I did not know about this place, but it seems like a really ideal place to take a weekend getaway with your entire family. I will check it out.

  3. This is superb! I can see so many activities for kids. Such concepts are really great these days fir enhancing kids knowledge and skills

  4. Looks like amazing place to enjoy and have fun with family and friends. All the clicks are amazing and nice.

  5. Wow This is in Gurgaon near my place. I will definitely plan a day here. My kids love camel rides, those huts and all regional touch such places have. Perfect place to hangout with family,

  6. I seriously had no idea about this place, thank you so much for sharing about the same, it surely looks like an amazing place where kids would enjoy like anything!

  7. The ambiance is so amazing. This looks super fun for kids and family. Amazing way to spend time some quality time.

  8. When I’m in gurugram next time, I’m surely going to visit this farm. It looks such a nice cultural heritage and at the same time very child-friendly too. The food looks amazing as well. thanks for sharing

  9. Seems like a best happening place for delhi ppl ..full of fun and activities . Would love ro visit this place

  10. Amazing farms will be adventureous trip for my kid & me the camel cart ride look fab as me my kid never had camel cart ride price also budget friendly will definetely consider visit here

  11. Wow… it was such a wonderful and adventurous trip…. kids must have loved it more rather than sitting in front of tv….

  12. Wowww… Perfect place to experience the rustic life… Loved the concept and the clicks are just amazing… Will definitely make a plan to visit this place in future.

  13. I’ve never been to Gurgaon but this looks like one VERY interesting place. What can’t be better than exposing your kids to agriculture and helping them learn how it works?

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! <3


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