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Being a mom of two kids most of the time i am in kitchen to cook something special for my fussy eaters. I always look to cook food and i am very passionate about it but cooking good food is not enough, I need to make it more presentable . Recently I have received this Nanonine meal serve combo which have 5 stainless steel pots to store the rotis, sabzi, dal or any of your cooked hot meal. Trust me it has proved to be a boon for me in Delhi hot climate as I can simply make the food and store it in them. The food remains hot and fresh for a very long period of time.

nanonine,nanonine meal serve combo,nanonine dinner set,best dinner set,delhiblogger

The reason why I recommend Nanonine meal serve combo  is as follows:

  • This Nanonine meal serve combo comes in five pieces of different sizes and thus is perfect to keep the food cooked in one meal of the day. It has one roti saver box and 4 gravy pots. Not only the cooked food that can be stored in it but also it can be used to set the bake cheese cake or yogurt, and the results are amazing. I even make the soup and keep in it and serve the kids as their evening meal.


  • Stainless steel material- superior quality steel goes in making it and thus the quality of food is not hampered when stored in it and the quality is so good that it will last for many years.


  • Gravy pots- the gravy pots are good looking bowls that are insulated and thus keep the hot and make them look all the more better when serves in it.


  • Insulated utensils- it is  insulated thus the food is hot. It comes with the double walled and PUF coating in between to prevent the loss of heat or nutrition from the food.


  • Design- it has the specially designed sturdy mirror finish casserole made of non- magnetic steel and insulated top quality material that keeps the food hot and fresh for hours. Cherry on the cake is that it looks so beautiful that I serve rotis and curries, to my guests in it only. It comes with glass lid and knob thus making it easy to choose the food and also open the lid. Thus it is deal for gifting purpose also.

My favorite Roti saver-

nanonine,roti saver,best dinner set ,delhiblogger

I try to follow a zero wastage lifestyle as I know that the production of things is taking a toll on the Mother Earth and the resources. With two toddlers the concept of zero wastage lifestyle seems to be very difficult but with small steps try to overcome them. Traditionally it may seem to be impossible but then with conscious efforts and continuous efforts to bring the change I am trying to achieve this. I have made some lifestyle changes that help me achieve this. Storing food in these boxes is one of it. As now even the leftover food can be consumed as its taste or nutrition does not get hampered. The first roti gets soggy and wet if stored in steel tiffin or regular casserole and therefore unfit to consume. I have tried a number of ways to avoid this wastage but all went in vain. It used to make me sad to see that the grains, which are produced with great efforts by a farmer, goes in trash. Then I started the option of making hot rotis for my family this helped in saving me from wastage of roti, but then I took a toll on my time. As the kids return back from school at different time so every time making hot rotis and cleaning the kitchen slab resulted in acute wastage of time and lost on me time and time to be spend with kids. Also if there are guests at home it would require me to be in the kitchen all the time and thus I felt very drained. However, if the rotis or any other food item is stored in it, does not gets waste as the taste and quality of the food is maintained.


My Verdict- Nanonine meal serve  combo comes in 5 pieces of different sizes, thus is perfect to serve your meal and ideal for gifting purpose.The only detail that we need to remember is that never keep it near fire or heat as this may affect its insulation.

Nanonine products are easily available online on Amazon ,Flipkart or at their official site .






20 thoughts on “Nanonine Meal Serve Combo- Review

  1. Nanonine bahut hi badhiya brand hai, bitiya ne inka collection liya hai, behad classy n useful hai ??
    Aapko zero wastage wali baat mujhe bahut acchi lagi ??

  2. Wow this is really such a convenient option for busy who are always on the go. I am so glad I came across your post.

  3. Nanonine looks like a great product. I will surely try this for my family and gifting purposes. I keep looking for alternatives since the time we have banned on the use of plastics in our house.

  4. Nano nine products are amazing, i just love stainless steel utensils and kitchen ware by nanonine is an added beauty to kitchen.. love the way you explained the serveware to the perfection. Loved the post and your pic make me hungry, what a yummy spread

  5. These containers looks so stylish and worth buying.. I was looking for one of these and this post has been really helpful. thanks a ton!! Looking forward to buy this.

  6. The taste of the food is important and also important is its presentation. Nanonine meal serve seems really perfect to store and make food attractive. Also, a good way to serve hot meals.

  7. Wow this is really awesome! I will check it out super soon. It will make things so easy for meal times.

  8. Wow, this looks like an ideal choice for moms and families who are always looking variety of delicious food everyday! The product looks very promising

  9. The container looks of good quality and of stylish. I’m definitely going to try these containers as there are so many things amazing features

  10. I was looking for something like this for my kitchen. I think this post I read at the right time and surely checking out Nanonine range. It looks great and better than the rest.

  11. Nanotine looks to be a great choice for gifting and also self-use. The meal serving dishes look so chic and is sturdy too.

  12. I wanted something like this for a long time! But I don’t know why that I always had a dislike for steel. Maybe the way it looks. I’m surprised this one looks cool. Thanks for the review! <3


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