The little bundle of joy has arrived in your life making it fun filled and full of choices. Choices regarding their dresses, food, doctor, toys, and even their bath care products. Every day we spend researching as to which is the best suited product for the little one that does no harm and is best for cleaning their skin thoroughly.  Now it is a matter of fact that we need to be careful for the super delicate skin of the little ones cannot handle the harshness of the chemical laden products.

The chemicals that claim to clean the skin thoroughly are causing negative impact on the skin of the baby and also harm the environment. Thus as a conscious parent we need to carefully select the best natural baby wash for the little one that is environmental friendly also.I am a mother who reads the ingredients list with extra care and then does research on the names as I cannot take chances with my little one. Over the years I have gathered ample information and based on that I am sharing my list of the best natural baby wash for the little ones:

Baby Dove tip to toe wash and Shampoo-
Dove is the best and a world renowned brand for bath range products. As it ventured in the market for kids products it was welcomed with a very positive response. The benefits that it has:

  • It is approved and tested by dermatologists
  • It can be used from head to toe and has a very soothing chamomile scent.
  • Best part is that my kiddo uses it for her bubble bath regime and loves it to the core.

Price and quantity: Rs.153 for 200ml

Mother Sparsh plant powered natural baby wash-  Mother Sparsh baby wash is  an acclaimed organic baby wash products. For the below reasons it is loved by all mothers.

  • Mother Sparsh aimed to create plant assembled natural baby wash solution with the goodness of essential oils like chamomile oil and is enriched with coconut and olive oil. It is the best calming and relaxing oil for the little ones. As it is made with plant based ingredients it helps in soothing baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Mother Sparsh wash for babies has certified organic ingredients as baby skin has wrinkled folds which need vital care and Mother Sparsh categorically assures this care for the little babies.
  • Plant Powered Natural baby wash ensures complete moisture that helps to maintain baby skin healthy and makes it luster & supple. Therefore the best baby wash for dry skin.
  • It cannot get better than this as it is a completely tear free formulation. We assure you that our baby wash is completely tear free & gentle most choice for your baby from day one.
    Mother Sparsh certifies that its products are free from chemicals like Silicon, Paraben, Dyes, SLS/SLES and Formaldehyde for baby’s gentle skin. it also make sure there is no artificial fragrance, allergens and harsh chemicals away from your baby’s delicate skin.
  • The baby wash is free from all chemicals and is natural yet does not dig a hole in your pocket. It lasts long as just a few drops are sufficient for the baby.

Price and quantity: Rs.395 for 200ml

Himalaya Baby Wash-

As the name goes Himalayas is the most trusted brand in the country. It offers baby’s necessities that won’t leave you worried about the impact on your child’s health or skin.

  • It is safe, effective, and best baby body wash shampoo.
  • It doubles as hair and body wash thus while travelling it is the best choice.
    It has milk proteins, Vitamin E, and Provitamin B therefore a complete body and hair care product.

Price and quantity: Rs. 170 for 200 ml

The Johnson &Johnson baby wash-

Perhaps a brand that has been a part of baby care regime for ages. Generations of mothers and kids have used it and agreed to its goodness. It is a brand that comes to the list without any doubts.

  • It shields as a natural barrier and deeply nourishes the baby skin yet cleaning it deeply.
  • Thus for kids with extra dry and sensitive skin it works best to seal in the moisture.
    Hands down it is the best baby wash for dry skin as it does gentle cleansing.

Price and quantity: Rs. 245 for 500ml

Chicco baby gentle cleansing gel-

Enriched with Vitamin E, the Grape Seed Oil it is the best baby cleanser in gel format.

  • It protects against UV damage.
  • It reduces skin inflammation thus if your baby has started going out then it is a must buy.
  • The pocket pinch is high but then owing to the benefits it is justified.

Price and quantity; RS. 449 for 500 ml


Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief cream body wash-

Known for soothing properties, the Chamomile oil is a natural remedy to calms the baby’s skin.

  • It is suited even for the adults in the home.
  • Eczema or sensitive skin or psoriasis is a common problem in today’s world owing to the pollution and thus in such cases it is the best baby body wash for sensitive skin.
  • It is a cream based formula, thus it moisturizes while cleansing.

Price and quantity: Rs.5311 for 200ml

Aveeno Baby gentle wash and shampoo-

the brand which is highly trusted by the pediatricians and happens to be a preferred choice in all parts of the world.

  • It has been approved by dermatologists thus can be a part of your baby’s bath ritual.
  • The pocket pinch is high.
    market is flooded with duplicate products thus buy from genuine suppliers to the get the most benefits. However it is the best newborn wash.

Price and quantity: Rs.1655 for 200ml

Our babies need the most gentle baby products, at something that comes from plant, essential oils & herbal extracts. Therefore, plant blend has a calming comfort and all natural ingredients have proven properties for a complete care of your baby’s skin.






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