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A third of Americans said that they’d be willing to move within the country if they could find the right area or job to fulfill their needs. Luckily for everyone, Knoxville is a yet-to-be-discovered gem that has so much for everyone.Whether you’re looking for a career, or you’re just curious about what’s out there for you: these are the largest industries in Knoxville that anyone can get hired into!

Why Knoxville?

If you’re considering moving to Knoxville to work, it’s good to know that there’s a lot more to this city than just the booming industries here! This area started initially as a marble quarry that supplied the stones for monuments and galleries across the country: but now it’s best known for its fantastic food, great music, and awesome work and play balance. This is the best place to live if you want to feel like you’re part of a community, even after living somewhere else for most of your life: and it’s affordable.

Knoxville is full of awesome reasons why anyone should move here; if picking the right job is the only thing holding you back, just know this city has a lot of choices to pick from!

Retail and Trade

Retail and trade are huge employers in Knoxville, with nearly fifteen thousand people employed in this role. This isn’t the best paying job on this list since most only make a couple of dollars more than minimum wage, which isn’t livable by most areas’ standards. Although the cost of Knoxville real estate is affordable, if you live alone or you’re supporting a family, it’s a better idea to consider a different industry.


Healthcare and Social Assistance


The highest paying option on this list, healthcare, and social assistance, employs thirteen thousand roles in Knoxville, and not all of them require degrees to be an  awesome employee! If you can get your word count up high enough, you might want to consider medical transcription work, or if you’re great at caring for people who need it, you might want to consider taking on work as a medical assistant!


Educational Services


If you have a passion for teaching, Knoxville has a position for you. Employing almost
eleven thousand people in the area, educational jobs range from teaching to custodial work and everything in between. This is an awesome role to take on if you want to make a change in people’s lives, but Tennessee is one of the poorest paying states
when it comes to education, so it might not be the best option for everyone.

What Are the Highest Paying Industries?

The current highest paying industries in Knoxville are Mining, Quarrying, and oil and gas extraction. The average role in this type of position pays nearly a hundred thousand dollars a year, which is nearly twice what the average teacher makes. Although this is a higher-risk job, the pay may be worth it.

Knoxville Is The Perfect Place to Move

If you’re considering moving for work and want to make sure you can grab a place that’s affordable: move to Knoxville. You’ll feel right at home the moment you arrive.




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