“Cleanliness is Godliness” is a line on which I believe to the core. A clean home attracts positive vibes, which is important for leading a relaxed life. Importantly for the healthy growth of kids it is important that they live in a clean house. Thus the mom and lady of the house in me makes sure that each and every corner of the house is cleaned on daily basis and there are no traces of dirt in my homes. The lady who comes to help me also understands the requirement and does her part with immense specifications. Still the microscope that I have in my eyes I can easily see the traces of dirt here and there.

I cannot take any excuse to accept that there is dirt the cleaning lady says it’s the wind of whatever but then on my part no excuses are accepted. Thus I take the broom and start the task all by myself. However, with two kids at home and so many tasks to accomplish how so ever I try there are certain days when the body does not respond to what the brain and heart want to accomplish. It denies simply denies that no cleaning can be done today. These are the days when I experience an internal conflict and get very irritable. The house members understand the conflict that I am experiencing but then they cannot help much. They try their level hard but despite all their efforts I am not happy to say the least.

Finally as the lockdown was announced and I had asked my maid to go on a leave. I got to understand that how monotonous and difficult it is clean to the home on daily basis and that too of the high standard that I desire. The need of having a helping hand was making me desperate and so the family members tried to help. But their efforts al went in vain. There were so many tasks like cooking, washing clothes and vegetables, taking care of studies of kids, maintain immunity and sanitizing each and every thing, that cleaning the house went back stage. The guilt of not cleaning the house in the best way was killing me but then I just couldn’t help.

Balzano vaccum cleaner

It as only then that my husband ordered the best gift of my life. It is a Balzano Aero Vac Plus . The device is a genie in the box. The moment it is out it cleans your home in every corner, under the bed and cabinets, the windows and more. Now I am a proud homemaker who can announce proudly that my home is free of all dirt and germs. Not a trace of dust can be seen even with the microscopic lenses.

The machine is

Compact- It so small and sleek in its volume that you can carry it anywhere in the house without trouble and when not in use store it easily.


Handy- The device is lightweight and easy to use thus without any additional pain one can simply use the machine.

Balzano vaccum cleaner, balzano

Economical- most important aspect, the cost of the machine will not drill a hole in your pocket. It is a budget friendly device to clean the home unlike its hefty priced counterparts in the market.

Looks elegant- the best aspect is even when I use or stored the machine looks so elegant that you will definitely want to use it.


My life is sorted with the machine thus whenever I feel that I have the time and I want to relax I take out the machine and start the chore.

Product price 2999

Available at Amazon, Flipkart




5 thoughts on “Balzano Aerovac Plus 2 in 1 vaccum cleaner Review

  1. The Balzano Aerovac Plus 2 seems to be a really handy gadget to have around the house. I really like its compact design. The price too is reasonable and the product seems to be complete value for money.

  2. I am so glad I saw this post. I was on a lookout for a vacuum cleaner and this one looks like a perfect choice. Thanks for sharing detailed information about it. I shall definitely get my hands on this.


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