The summers make you a fuzzy eater and the importance of food in this season can never be understated. You should be full and hydrated so that the harshness of the Sun cannot affect you. Owing to global warming and environmental imbalances, heat is touching new heights and makes the situation unbearable. Coming to Delhi temperature let us not even bring it in discussion it is killing. As a mother you want your kids to have healthy food and keep them hydrated. However due to commercialization the homemade drinks have lost their importance and the aerated drinks are to be avoided. As soon as my kids return home after their school or we step out of the home for necessities all that they demand is cold drink. Knowing the side effects I cannot let them have it. But the issue is how do you handles the daily melt downs that too for long summer months.


Like any child I resorted to my mom for solution and to my surprise she simply suggested me that earlier when there was not such drinks or the air conditioners, still the kids loved the summer season. Rather it will not be an exaggeration to say that I used to count days for the summer month to start and the reason was  Hamdard Ka Roohafza The favourite #DrinkOfIndia . All the moms in house are cheering as a major issue has been resolved.

roohafza,summer drink
Plain Roohafza

Various fond memories with this concentrated squash is associated. It refreshes the soul and it is a sherbet that has cooling agents like rose and is used to treat loo. Be it the concentrate mixed with water served with ice or same served with a dash lime it never failed to bring a smile on our faces. In the chilled milk when this was added the otherwise boring milk used to become utterly delicious. I am still getting the same fond vibes and a child like enthusiasm is in me as I think of the glass full of rooh afza.

roohafaz,roohafza lassi,lassi
Roohafza Lassi

Falooda with rooh afza or kulfi ice cream or simple vanilla when drizzled with rooh afza was all that was needed to make the summers bearable. As I have received the secret of making the summers better and keeping my kids away from the aerated drinks, the summers at my place will be welcomed. Apart from the yummy taste there are health benefits of the same. It will keep you hydrated and help you stay cool. Even the loss of minerals and salt due to excess sweating can be regulated by it. Various researches have proved that it is made of the finest ingredients that make it an exceptionally appropriate summer drink. Importantly if it is backed by my mom then it is definitely an healthy option and will find place in my kitchen also.



24 thoughts on “Hamdard Roohafza : The Favourite #DrinkOfIndia

  1. I love Roohafza as it is a natural refreshing drink.Very good for summers as it removes the thirst and hydrates the body, also keeps the stomach cool.Easily available every where even in small grocery stores. My families first choice

  2. In my last office, our transport manager distributed roohafza to all the employees. I tasted it for the first time there and it was so tasty and refreshing.

  3. Roof afza is associated with some of the most fun filled and interesting memories of my childhood! I gotta pick up a bottle again! Thanks for this amazing post!

  4. Rooh adds is associated with my childhood. It was always there at home during summers. I never liked lassi but enjoyed home made chuski with it.. It tasted yumm

  5. This is my all time fav. When I was at hostel we always go to canteen and order the drink. Missing it so much these days… You made my memories fresh.such a wonderful post.

  6. Amazing and refreshing post. Hamadard Roohafza is a trusted brand and quite affordable. Roohafza shake is so refreshing in the summers.


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