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Finally the Valentine week has come to an end, the over indulged environment of red has subdued, the red roses have withered, red heart balloons have deflated, and the chocolate and cupcake damage done to the body is visible. The sessions of planning has gone and the social media sites are full of happy couple pictures.

However, my hubby and me who are madly in love but in a sensible way have nothing to say or show about this valentine. I can see all of you gaping and showing pity that after 2 kids and 9 years of marriage who celebrates Valentine and it is obvious state of matter. However please do not be judge mental, I am very happy and we to have our special moments and escape from the daily routines and go for long drives and cozy dinners. We are happy together and do not need special days to celebrate this togetherness. My husband makes each and everyday very memorable and we celebrate every day.


At its heart, February 14 celebrates the legacy of Saint Valentine of Rome, a second century priest who was sentenced by the Roman Empire for serving the Christians and believing in Jesus. Going by the legendary tale he was imprisoned for performing weddings of soldiers who were forbidden to marry, thus he became the patron saint of couples in love.


However with modernization Valentine got twined with heart shape balloons and candies, dove stamped cards, red outfits, and cupid inspired quotes.


It is easier to express your love when you are surrounded with candlelight but the real parameter is when there are lows in life. Waking up to a cranky baby at 3 am in the morning, or managing the house in tight budget, when your work life sucks, or holding hairs while pregnant wife is puking, or simply assuring your partner in tough times may what come I will be by your side, this is lot difficult.


Going by the practical parameters my husband stood rock solid beside me and helped me glide through the tough times. He does not believe in V-day and I can completely agree with him. He has pure eternal love for me and this is what matters. I bloom like a red rose with his love. He has loved me through the times of hard heartedness and through brokenness, through temper tantrums and withdrawals, through the to times of hopelessness, through ugly words and angry tears. My man knows me better and understands the slightest movement of eyes and facial lines. He believes in me and accepts me with my madness, has seen my best and worst yet never doubted me. He made all dynamic moves possible to make my dreams come true. Also when I had doubts he came as a answer to them.


The above mentioned stuff are ingredients of romance and a blissful life. However I am not against the overhyped V-day and would love the man of life to do something special for me on this day and make me feel loved, but I would also want that the 365 days of the year are Valentine’s Day.






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