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There is too much of evil on Earth and this is kalyug as per the sayings. God is in need of angels as he casts his wish and takes one of the star from this planet Earth to his abode up in heaven. 


Like all other fans and people who were awestruck with her beauty, grace, charm, phenomenal persona, versatile skills, the never die attitude towards life and a complete woman, a loving wife, doting mom and overall a wonderful human who kept her identity intact all through life. The news struck as a nightmare, it hurts so much to even think that Sridevi is no more. It hurts the dialogue from a movie, “if you desire something, the whole universe conspires to get you that.” I have lived my life with this line and now this line seems to be hollow. She was loved by all, her family, her daughters want her back and can trade anything for this but alas nothing of the sort will happen as she has set on another journey to the more beautiful world.

delhi blogger

Having started her career from a very small age of four and strived to continue for a upward and onward track. She left no stone unturned or let anything to be a hindrance in her path of success. She entered main stream Hindi cinema without even being acquainted with the language and worked hard to learn the language. She worked hard and could give any recent heroine a run for money.

delhi blogger , sridevi , womans day

From the peak of her career after tasting the success she took a sabbatical of 15 years to devote her time to her adorable angels. She was a humble soul and was a fantastic painter and often auctioned her paintings for charity, and this is what is called beautiful inside out. Not only this she was against child abuse and came on stage to help the victims of this abuse.Awarded Padma Shri in 2013 she was definitely the trophy wife for her husband and still was domesticated like any next door girl.


She was adorned with many awards including the Filmfare for many of the movies and government also recognized her work. Stardust also acknowledged her comeback work in English Vinglish. The whole film fraternity id saddened by the loss and a loss that can never be compensated.

The awards that she received just showed her excellence in the field of acting but in her personal life she was much more than this. She supported her brother and sister by working in films. She was truly selfless and gave every bit of her to her family. She was ray of hope and goodness in this dark world of glamor.


The loss cannot be compensated and hollow that has been created by her sudden demise can never be fulfilled. May she rise an shine from above and her family gets strength to bear the loss. Her work will remain forever and remind of her grace and beauty.



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