We live in a digital world, where it is safe to comment that just like bread, shelter and clothes, the Internet has also become a necessity. It opens new horizons for our kids and us. They can do so many things here. Learn new skills, participate in competitions or know about the big wide world. However, with the good exists the bad. The Internet gives good information but then at times it could give out bad information or give access to information which a child should not have. So to protect our child’s innocence parental control is vital.

As parents, have you been stuck in a situation where you feel that the Internet is a tricky yet significant medium? Also, do you often worry that our kids have access to the Internet but they could also explore the dark web and suffer some trauma? If the answer is yes then we need to get a solution that can help in parental control.

One of the best ways to have parental control is through Happinetz

Happinetz is a system that filters the internet and blocks sites and apps which are not appropriate for kids. The Happinetz Box comes with a user manual and cable and you just need to connect it with your home internet router, download the app from the Play Store or the App Store and fill in all the details to create an account and you are done!

It has definitely helped many moms like me to exercise parental control over the Internet access of their kids.

How can we prevent our kids from accessing websites they shouldn’t visit?

Incorporated settings within devices

The majority of today’s mobiles and gadgets are equipped with built-in control features, offering a parental control method. Parents can pinpoint undesirable sites or channels and prevent access. Depending on the Android or iOS device, options like ‘always allowed’ or ‘never allowed’ can be selected. This ensures that specific content channels no longer display recommendations for children. While this method introduces the idea of parental control, it proves inefficient due to the oh-so-tedious and uncertain process of identifying and blocking numerous channels. Moreover, children can often bypass the controls set by their parents.

Installing software

Parental control software and filtering applications can be installed on a child’s device to assume a parental role, vigilantly overseeing the child’s online activities. Any navigation done online which is not apt as per age can be stopped. The market has several paid and unpaid software for the purpose.

The software uses keyword filtering, real time alerts and some options before they restrict the activity. The problem that I experienced here is that at times something could get past the filter. Plus the tech savvy kids can very easily switch off the filter and the parents will remain clueless. Also the app works on only one device. Kids these days have multiple device access therefore regulating everywhere is tough.

Monitoring through Happinetz

The best option for me was a box that could connect with my internet router. So the problem is solved where it starts. The parental control system, the Happinetz Box, is 24/7 connected to the wi-fi network and will not let the child view the internet that is not meant for them or comes from the dark web or even is infected with a virus.

The beauty of Happinetz is that you can connect up to 10 devices.

How does Happinetz work to make the internet safe for kids?

It is evident that all of the internet is not bad, but there are certain sites and apps that are not meant for kids. We need to keep our kids away from these sites. The simple answer is that we need to block these sites.

Happinetz is a revolution in the field of parental control. It is like the best well-wisher of your child. More than 110 million websites and apps are under strict vigilance of Happinetz. About 22 million adult and unsecured or malicious ones are blocked by default by Happinetz. Safe Search too is always on.

Benefits of Happinetz:

  • Happinetz is different from the other parenting devices as it works on all browsers including incognito mode and blocks all inappropriate adult and unsecured sites and apps.
  • Happinetz is device agnostic, which means it works on all types of screens like smart TV, tablets, Android and iOS cell phones, computers and laptops. It can work on 10 devices at a time.
  • No app is installed on the kids phone, the app is only on the parent’s phone so the parents can track and limit the kids’ screen time.
  • It presents Insights on internet usage of the kids. It also tells the duration for which websites or apps were opened.
  • It has three modes, kid, teen and parent to make sure that the right one is put to use as per age and need.
  • I have used Happinetz for a month now and it has no technical glitch. Plus it is user friendly and works smoothly. It is the epitome of customizable solutions and assists you in your parenting journey.

Remember to keep the communication open with kids

Importantly, we need to explain to our kids the basic safety rules of accessing the internet. We should have open conversations with them. Plus, we need to make it clear that if there is any trouble at any point of time they can freely discuss with us. Be a friendly parent with the child so that they can converse with you and get all their doubts or feelings heard. Have age apt conversation with kids and see them blooming with confidence and walking on the right path.

If you want the best for your kids and family, you can explore the possibility of getting Happinetz at home.




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