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Hi all,  as the temperature is soaring high and breaking all records, even the capital city Delhi was no exception to it. The harshness of the temperature and blazing sun is simply unbearable, however the best part of being  a Delhite  is that you are privileged, to treat yourself to amazing vacation to the hill stations in North. Thus as the Sun went roaring high we decided to indulge in a super cool vacation to the Queen of hill stations  Nainital. True to its title it is a hill station that is famous for various attractions and pleasant weather  all the year.


It was an impromptu trip and thus I got only a day to prepare my bag. Trust me when I say with two kids  it is not an easy task, rather its madness at its peak .We decided to enjoy the beauty of road and thus my hubby decided to drive from our car.Let me tell you beautiful roads lead to even more beautiful destination.  There are many scenic views on the way and we didn’t want to miss anything. We planned our trip on weekdays to avoid rush before leaving for nainital we watched a lot of  you tube videos and read many articles about the place to explore  the city  in a  better way. My elder daughter of 8 years  was uber excited as it was her first trip to hill station, she was very curious to see the mountains and lakes that I had  shown her in videos.

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We started our journey around 6 am  in the morning from Delhi and reached Nainital at 2.30 pm, we    stopped only once for breakfast  at Moradabad for an hour and  reached kathgodam around 1 pm , from there the beautiful valleys start. Zig zag routes, green mountains, beautiful landscapes, colorful flowers , mango orchids , group of monkeys (languor) all enhances the beauty of  kumaon  hills.

Route we followed to reach Nainital –

Delhi ->Noida ->Moradabad->Bazpur -> Kaladhungi ->Nainital

From Kathgodam ,Nainital is some 38 kms far but it took more than 1 hour to reach because of narrow and aerial shaped roads .There is no direct train to nainital ,the nearest railway station is at kathgodam and from there you can hire a taxi .

nainital,trip to nainital

As we entered in the city I was elated  to see the Naini  lake which is the major attraction of the city ,we first checked in our hotel  and without wasting any time we had our lunch and  got ready to visit the beautiful Naini lake . It was around 5 pm when we reached to the lake side, the weather was very pleasant ,drizzling rain and chilled winds made our visit more worthy. Rather it will not be an understatement to say from the Delhi temperature, Nainital was truly blissful. Colorful boats and shikaras floating in  lake looks marvelous, and in spite of being  crowded the place was very peaceful, and engulfs all in its cool soothing embrace . After sitting there for a while we went for boat riding , there were  many fishes in the lake and water was very clear after boating we came back to our hotel room as we all were exhausted specially both my kids.

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Next morning ,after breakfast in hotel ,we booked a cab for local sight seeing, yes we booked a cab because the roads in the city are very difficult to understand ,there are blind turns and twists so it’s better and safer to hire a taxi. The driver committed to show us 7 points which includes naina peak, snow view point, lovers/suicide point, AC point, khurpa taal view and adventure point ,it took around 3 hours to cover  this beautiful points and then we had a lunch and  came back to our hotel room.



After napping for 2 hours again we moved for Naina devi mandir which is just next to naini lake ,the naina devi temple is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site in Nainital. It is on the banks of naini lake and has  Tibetan market on the other side, it has the most beautiful view of lake from the temple. We spent our evening in the temple it was very peaceful and rejuvenating. Gazing the lake from temple detoxed my soul and filled me with energy and positivity .

naina devi mandir,naina devi temple,nainital

delhiblogger,nainital,trip to nainital
lake view from Naina Devi Temple

After that we visited Tibetan market to taste the bliss of shopping. It is famous for woolen garments.. There are many shops of handmade items for home décor , bags, clothes, wooden art pieces etc. the market is also famous for traditional Tibetan food like momos and noodle. It was a very beautiful place ,I also did some shopping for my kids and we moved to the mall road . After dinner we came back to hotel and packed our bags as we had to leave nainital the next day in the wee hours.

nainital trip,nainital,delhi to nainital

Next morning we checked out around 6:30 am and reached Delhi at 5 pm, in return we made 4 stops for breakfast, lunch, photo shoot and also because it was tough to end the beautiful journey.

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33 thoughts on “Weekend Gateway : A Trip To Nainital

  1. This is one placs which has been in my bucket since childhood.. Ur write up reminds me to plan a trip soon.. Thanks for the information you have shared

  2. Superb post will help me when I will plan my trip there. Thanks for sharing detailed information about the spots and all.

  3. I remember going to Nainital as a kid.vwe did dehradun-nainital-haridwar-hrishikesh. I still remember campty falls. The ambiance itself is so beautiful and exotic that you feel refreshed.

  4. I have visited Nainital earlier and your post was such nicely written that I again had a trip down the memory lane!
    Great write-up 🙌🤗

  5. Ohhh Such a beautiful post about such a beautiful place. I wish to go there since long ago, but never get a chance to visit..thanks a lot for sharing really good and detailed information. it seems you had loads of fun there.

  6. Nainital is one of my favourite places to be… So beautiful, scenic, green and peaceful.. perfect getaway destination

  7. I really want to visit this place from long time but I don’t wanna go when at peak holiday time.. which is why my visit plan is still untouched !

  8. The photos were so evocative they reminded me of the time I had visited Nainital many many years ago. Not much seems to have changed!


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