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It is my husband’s birthday month so I needed to gift him something special. Over the years on several occasions I have gifted him shirts, pens, gadgets, so this year I was clueless. Suddenly I thought that as my husband is a bike lover and loves his rides on bike why not gift him some safety gears that are designed for the bikers.Boys and their love for bike is immense but safety while driving is of utmost necessity. Thus while scrolling the internet I came across this beautiful site BikeBandit that has the best safety gears and accessories for the bikers from the most popular brands that any bikers loves.


To gift my hubby riding protection from top name brand this site had all the options and that to at reasonable prices, and on top of that there is the option of sale also going on in the site. Thus without wasting any time I ordered a few stuff for my husband that were delivered within 4 to 5 working days at my door step and the cherry on the cake was that the site offered free shipping. Also there is special reward system for the regular customers.

Thus when you ride the bike and cannot hear anything apart from the rumbling sound of your bike we are there to cater you different safety gears and accessories for your bike. check the amazing collection here

The site had the following stuff :

1)Helmets : Helmets are the most important safety gear for any biker, and also as per government rules it is mandatory for the bikers to wear helmet. Moreover it not only about safety but also adds to the style quotient The site has helmet from brands like Arai, HJC, AFX, SHOEI, Bell and Icon, well there were other brands also. The site also guides you about the essentials that you need to consider before buying the helmet. Therefore in spite of the wide array of helmets it has like full face, open face, dual face, half shell support and many more, it clearly pin points the best suitable helmet for you as per your requirements and comfort options but keeping safety as prime requisite.

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2) Jackets and vests: what can be more stylish than jacket or vests for a biker. A stylish jacket also helps to protect you from the harshness of the different seasons, the Sun and heat. Thus it looks great and also stay ahead stay ahead in fashion with these jackets and vests from the super brands. They also have pants, casual apparel, jerseys, protective gears, from the brands like Fly Terra Track, Joe Rocket, O’Neal and many more brands.

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3) Riding boots: Riding boots just add more comfort while you are riding the book. With these there is not much pressure on your feet and any terrain becomes easy to ride with these boots.

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4) Gloves: Gloves gives you the feel of riding and also protect your hands from the harshness of weather. Thus wearing the gloves is all that adds the oomph factor before you start to ride.

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5) Security and lock system: Maintaining the security of bike is highly essential thus the site has the best security and locking system from best of the brands.

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I have shopped for the best biking gears and accessories from this site and feel so happy about my shopping spree.

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  1. I always wanted to be a biker! But didn’t have the guts… Always wondered what all the gears the bikers wore.. But got to know about it afrer reading your blog


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