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The song “ tere jaise yaar kahan, kahan aisa yaarana, mere zindagi sawari mujhko gale laga ke” is an instant ode to friendship and brings out the beauty of this relationship. We have friends whom we chose to spend our time with and hang out. We have become so used to making friends at a click of button that deep down we have forgot the essence of true friendship. Still as a matter of fact we all have friends in this journey of life and the importance or the characteristics of each friend and the age in which we became friend defines the relationships.

In our childhood days we have so many friends and we love them all with the passage of time they start reducing in the number because of the filtrations and the priorities that we set in life. As we grow we tend to make new friends and each friend is unique and important as they have helped you in making you what you are today. They have truly made some sense in our journey, I have been blessed that I have made some real gems as my friend who are my pillars of strength and have always brought a smile on my face.

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This friendship day, I would like to share my not so happening journey with my so happening and incredible friends. I am the most social person and each and every friend of mine has always made me feel important and loved. Here is the list of my journey that I travelled as a friend.

1. Gang years- School and childhood friends have their own charm, they bring a smile and sparkle in our eyes. They mean the world to you. A single wrong word in their honor would call for a fight and every single bite that they ate from your plate would call for fight with them. Fighting with them at one moment and then uniting with them the other moment. Purely selfless and most divine format of friendship. Wherever we may go they always have a very special space in our hearts. Sharing tiffin and planning each other’s birthday or rather being more excited for friend’s birthday are the characteristics of friendship at this age.


2. pathfinder friend- the friend with whom you have done your college with. They are your career counselor, your make up man, fashion consultant, the one who decides the details of your date, the one who handled your break up theses are the friends who have seen the weirdest side of your personality and still remained your friend. Watching movies in theatres or covering up for each other in front of their parents or discussing the plans of future, they are the ones who have seen us budding.

3. professional friend- As you have started your office and entered the professional world these are the friends who have actually guided you and helped you to get comfortable in your office or work place. You have shared your financial plans with them and again relived the canteen moments with them. They are ones who cheered you if your plans went wrong or you were lost in the professional world. They have seen the transformation of the immature person to a responsible person.


4. married friends- you get married and along with new relations you get new set of friends they are the spouses of your partner’s friend or the residents of the building where you stay. They have witnessed the beautiful journey of your beginning years and have helped to get you comfortable. When your partner was mad at you they were the ones who helped you to pacify them.


5. Parenting friend- the friend who is the parent of your child’s friend . Our each and every concern related to the child is shared with them. They are unsaid godparent of our child. The diet or courses or the school that will be availed to the child is decided after we have consulted them. Our picnics and outings are planned with them so that the kids have company and we can chill and relax.


So above were the reasons and seasons of my friends list. I am very thankful to the social media for getting me connected with my school and college friends and for also giving me some unseen friends who are today a part of my life.

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  1. That’s definitely the best song to describe Dosti. Seriously, we have so many lovely friends and all hold important place in our life.

  2. It’s so surprising how we find d at every stage and phase of our life. Childhood friend rs to parenting friends, all come in our lives at their designated time and leaves their marks

  3. Agree with you , Social media specially Facebook helped a lot to get connected with long lost friends. I got connected with my school friends on Facebook after a long gap.

  4. I totally enjoyed reading the writeup. Facebook has helped to stay connected with m friends. Every friend has its own significance in life.

  5. Nothing comes close to the true value of friend and like you’ve said we make some many friends on our journey and social media has helped me keep in touch no matter which part of the world we end up in.

  6. I really love friends around and feel blessed having such friends in life… This post brings such blessed smile on my face…

  7. What a lovely post! I love the way you have added those perfect taglines for each type of friend. I’m blessed to have few friends who have been through all my phases of life. 2 girls from school times 🙂 and 2 from the workplace and I feel blessed to have them as a part of my life.

  8. Friendship is beautiful and so are the friends you get at every step of life. Cherishing this beautiful relation at every step is one of My priorities.

  9. I have come across only first two types of friends till now and they are amazing! The innocent School friendship and the matured college friendship… Different yet same! ❤

  10. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in this world. Really enjoyed reading such lovely article on friendship

  11. well I am not that lucky when it comes to finding true friends neverthe less I have had the most fun times with my gang of girls in college but none of the other types as yet.

  12. I like how you have classified your friend’s lists. I am in the parenting season along with apartment friends. But still keep on touch with a few all season friends:)

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep #MyFriendAlexa

  13. So sweet!! Thats so true, we have all these friends…it just made me realise gaur se dekho…doston ki kami nahi hai 🙂
    I am definately going to keep this in mind when I want to share my feelings and find no one around.

  14. Beautifully written post. I would be a mess if my friends wouldn’t have been there in my life. Your pot made me emotional, I am going to call a few of my besties now 🙂


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