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Dressing up my dolls and making them beautiful hairstyles is not a chore but an extension of my personality. For the regular days also I prefer to tie their hair  beautifully thus for the Navratri when it is the celebration of Goddess and the girl child is worshipped how can I miss dressing up my dolls. Navratri is celebrated with great pomp and show thus even the dress up and hairstyle for this occasion has to be very charming and full of bright colors. I have selected some of the easiest and the most ravishing hairstyles to adorn my little Durgas.

1.The high bun-


kids hairstyle,delhiblogger
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the beauty and classy appeal of a high bun can never be denied. Tie your princess’s hair in a top bun and tuck it very carefully so that even when they rock and roll in the Dandiya night they do not look messy. Adding some stones, pearls, studs or a crown can take the look to another level. It is not only a easy hairstyle option but also will require very less time to recreate. Simply detangle the hair of your kid and tie it in a high bun taking a few bobby pins simply secure it and the kiddo is set to rock the navratri night.

2.The milkmaid braid-

milkmaid braid,kids hairstyle,delhiblogger
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Across the globe almost all the celebs have sported this hairstyle and thus my little princess also graced the hairstyle. It is very easy to do and will not create a hindrance to her dance steps. Start from one side of your hair take a section of hair and divide it in three Thereafter make a simple braid with the hair. Once done tuck this braid to the other side with some flowers or beads tuck the hair in the shape of a hairband in the crown part. Let the hairs at the back fall on their shoulder and play naughtily with them as they move and groove to the dance beats.

3.The side ponytail-

delhiblogger,kids hairstyle
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Navratri is not only about Dandiya but also about the pandal hoping. Pandal hoping can be very tiring and the psandals are super crowded. To avoid any discomfort for my kids I prefer to tie their hair in side pony. This ensures that hairs are not pulled away in crowd and it looks stylish at the same time. Using cute pins at the side adds to the beauty. This ponytail can be braided and this adds to the neat look.

4. The French plaits-

kids hairstyle,delhiblogger
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French plaits can never go wrong and with small flower accessories they make my kids look like the real Durgas, very pure and chaste. Starting with the crown section take three sections of hair and plait. Then you get one section so now from the two sides again take two section and plait the three section. Continue till all the front hairs have been taken. A very sleek and beautiful hairstyle. Now plaiting the back hairs is option either secure the ponytail at the nape of neck or plait it till the end. It is a neat very hairstyle option and my little durgas simply love it as the hairs do not disturb them while playing dandia.

5. The cascading waterfall-

delhiblogger,kids hairstyle
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this is the most demanded hairstyle of my eleder one as per she looks like a princess in this style and has a crown on her head. Even without any accessory this hairstyle looks very adorable. A little practice and lots of patience from my elder one has enabled me to do this style on her hairs. Starting from one side and taking a horizontal section of hair and with vertical strands of hair I start to plait her hairs and the outcome is a sight to behold.


Apart from the hairstyle using tiaras or flower hairbands and headbands also make quick and good option for doing the hairs of my little Durgas. These were the hairstyle options from my side but share your hairstyle options for your little angels.





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