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In these modern times, the air inside our homes is as polluted as the air outside the home, rather it would not be an exaggeration to claim that the air inside the house is more polluted. As per several surveys it has been concluded that pollution in the house has accounted for more deaths in India than the outside air. Adding to the worry it has been said that inside air is five times more polluted than the outside air.

vayu bag,indoor pollution

BreatheFresh is a startup with the mission of spreading awareness regarding indoor air pollution and helping each one to live a healthier life. The motto is to clean the inside air with natural means. Thus in this era of pollution and bad quality of life, the Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag from Breathefresh, comes as a ray of hope.

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Price: Rs. 599 for 250 gms, it is easily available across the online world and be bought from Breathefresh , Amazon or even Flipkart .

Packing: It comes in box packing of small size and can be carried easily. It also comes in bigger variant of 500gms for living rooms and bigger rooms.

About the product:

Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag is a simple yet very powerful way to keep your home odor, allergen and pollution free. The bag is a natural air purifier in itself and does not need any complex or fancy machinery, wires, electricity or any sort of charge to work. The bag is made of 100%  natural linen and the inside consists of magical activated charcoal designed with layered filtration to help it in its fight against harmful indoor pollutants, bacteria, mold and mildew and excess moisture.

The bag is a miracle as it comes with 3 layers filtration technology that consists of different layers to absorb odors of paints and chemicals that are very much present in the air. The three layers increase the power of the bag three times and make it more effective, durable and strong against the pollutants.

Each bag can last for 2 years and it just needs to be recharged naturally with the sun rays. Also after expiry it does not become a thrash rather it is a perfect natural fertilizer for the plants.

vayu bag review,indoor pollution,delhiblogger

Why is it the best?

  • Cost effective, the fancy machines that are called air purifiers are expensive and need to be installed, but this natural purifying bag can be used once it has been taken out of the bag.
  • No electricity is required to charge it as compared to the machinery air purifiers.
  • It goes beyond the reach of conventional air purifiers like kitchens, closets, car, bathrooms and all other small or big unimaginable places.
  • All natural product, and has no chemical fragrance or formaldehyde that can be dangerous to health.
  • As the product has been made in India for the Indian homes with premium quality materials it is as per our requirements.


Final verdict:

I am completely awestruck with the technology that goes in making such an affordable, effective, recyclable and sustainable product for everyone. Fresh breathing air is the basic necessity and right of all thus Breathfresh Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag is just helping us achieve this. It has found space in my house and will forever remain there.

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12 thoughts on “Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag:Great Solution For Indoor Air Pollution |Review

  1. Wow! I am totally impressed with this Air Purifier bag. It being naturally charged and even being usable post expiry is indeed an edge over any artificial purifier that is expensive while being huge. Thanks for sharing this. I will go ahead and buy this from Amazon.

  2. This bag is a great way to to cut off indoor pollution in a natural and organic way. Thanks for sharing such amazing post


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