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A new baby to toddler and am back to grind. Running behind the kid, feeding, doing the chores, managing the blog, taking care of the elder one and the diaper change grind. With feeding the child there is a clear distinction between health and junk but when it comes to diapers how do you know what is the best. Earlier it was only absorption that mattered the most and the diapers were selected on that basis but now the quality of the diaper, skin friendly environment friendly are the qualities that matter. There is no denial to the fact that diapers are an integral part of bringing up the child. They assure peaceful night’s sleep for the mom and baby. They are hygienic and you need not keep searching for the restrooms every now then wherever you may go. Importantly for a multitasking mom who is working from home the diapers are more than necessity. However selecting the best diaper for the kids is a tough job. With my elder one I had many diaper issues like the diaper rashes or diaper leakage disasters.

merries india,merries diapers, delhi blogger

last month mitsui & co. India pvt ltd. has announced the official launch of Japan’s leading diaper brand ‘MERRIES’ in India and I was lucky enough to try these premium diapers for my 22 months old kiddo .

merries india,merries diapers,delhi blogger

PRICE:  INR 1325 for 38 xl diapers

PACKAGING:  It comes in a plastic package with cute pink polka dots design on white background .The packaging is so adorable that it brings smile on anyone’s face , all the instructions and ingredients are properly mentioned on the pack.

AVAILABILITY: Merries diapers are available online on AMAZON  

The best brand from Japan is here now in India and below are the reasons why it is essential for my kid


Wearing a damp, moist underpants for long periods of time is simply super uncomfortable situation. Thus a breathable diaper that can actually expel moisture and stuffiness from the inner parts of the diaper is essential not only for the comfort of the baby but also makes sure that baby is diaper free. It is a triple layer air through system that makes it more breathable somewhere 40% extra breathability. The science behind triple air through system is as follows:

  1. 1st layer is light airy mesh material that is oh so gentle when in contact with the skin. Due to this mesh layer the contact with the skin reduces to half, this expels the moisture and stuffiness from the holes between the skin and the diaper.
  2. 2nd layer is breathable air through absorbent layer. Moisture is passed from this absorbent layer while absorbing the pee.
  3. 3rd layer all round breathable sheet. This is the breathable sheet that releases moisture from sweat and pee.

Thereby with this advanced and improved technology only half the moisture remains in the skin even after being for long time in the diaper. It was this quality of this diaper that gave it the extra points and somewhat compelled me to choose it.

merries india,merries diapers,best diapers,delhi blogger


It has excellent absorbency power. It can incredibly hold the poo and pee and thus it is a life -saver. Therefore, no more dispersing of poo and getting it all over the baby’s bum, thighs, or the clothes. As soon as the task is the done the diaper becomes active and actually absorbs and locks away the poo and pee and leaving the surface of the diaper dry. Therefore the diaper can actually go for very long hours and give me some sanity and save time and money as less diapers will be needed. This also assures that baby will be rash free as there the diaper will not stick to baby’s bottom. It is absolute safe for baby’s sensitive and soft skin.

merries india,merries diapers


Now this is technology as it has wetness indicator. The middle strips when change their color from yellow to dark blue it is the time to change them.



I am using these diapers from past 15 days for my baby and must say this merries diaper as per the name make the child merry and so the parents are also merry. It’s fabric is super soft as compared to other diapers i have used till date. Fitting is perfect that it not allows any kind of leakage but also it’s not too tight to make her uncomfortable .It is slightly overpriced if compared with the competitors in the market but owing to the quality and benefits triple layer air through system is definitely value for money product. Thus I swear by these diapers.

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26 thoughts on “Merries Baby Diapers Review

  1. Not used this for my kids but colour change indicator is really a cool feature now a days…will sure give a try

  2. Breathable? Great! Absorbing? Amazing! But colour change? Wow! This is an amazing innovative thing! Every mother is going to love this!

  3. Yes it’s really difficult to decide which diaper is best for our babies and i didn’t had any clue regarding this but now I will keep in mind the points started by you

  4. I am very impressed with the features, this is something that I would like to try for my Little one for sure.

  5. This is a new brand for me. and diapers look comfy and nice. Thank god that we do have some affordable brand diapers in our country now.

  6. Woah the wetness indicator is something interesting. I even like the fact that they are breathable. I’m definitely giving this brand a try. Thanks for sharing about this.


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